Classes and Rituals 2017

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A Different Perspective of a Familiar Relationship: Our focus will be on an interrelated way of experiencing and perceiving the lines of force between the East West Gates and the North South Gates.  The intersecting point of these lines is the place of perfect equilibrium.  This center point corresponds to the fifth element ether.  The intent of this class will be to open you to a new way of working and perceiving the traditional four quarters.   You will learn to draw upon the central point, where all oppositions are reconciled and resolved.

Ritual of Healing and Renewal with the Nagas: The rich history of Nagas and their interactions with humans is found in myth, art and sacred text.  My experiences with these Beings have proven to be mystical, magickal and healing. We will call upon the power of the celestial and terrestrial Nagas to create the opportunity for healing and transformation.  Using ritual we invoke the restorative force of the Nagas, clearing obstructions and facilitating healing.  Drums and movement are utilized to advance this magickal work. Ritual garb is optional.

She who breathes the Throat: A contact that I work with who identifies as “She who breathes the Throat” has a particular interest in creating new pathways in areas of the mind and gnosis.   The focus is on movement of consciousness.  The work includes a sensory component in that you will be taught to experience both being present and simultaneously moving through the inner levels while maintaining a sense of your Greater Self.  This class will include techniques of shifting consciousness and an exploration of gnosis, a principle that sparks the imagination.  Our work will include a sigil and possibly direct contact with ‘She who breathes the Throat’ to achieve a group movement of consciousness that will create a pathway that you can subsequently follow at later times if you desire.

Solar Ritual: Moving ahead and Facing the Future -  Rooted in sacred forces there is a power that is generated in nature. This primordial energy combined with the transformation power of Solar Magick results in change of consciousness. This change is on the material and spiritual levels.  We open to a new perspective and a way of knowing that liberates and enlivens.  We can then use the change generated in this ritual to move forward with insight, inspiration and clarity. Ritual garb is optional.

Judika Illes 

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Hexes, curses, psychic attack, malevolent magic, and that Evil Eye! Jinxes, tricks, and plain old mean people! The world is filled with dangers that the educated spell-caster knows how to sidestep, bypass, and, if necessary, overcome. Join Judika Illes, author of The Big Book of Practical Spells, Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and other books of magic for a workshop devoted to Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Magical perils aren’t confined to the pages of Harry Potter. In this calm, dispassionate (but fun) class, we will analyze different types of metaphysical menace.

- Learn to distinguish between the different kinds of dangers

- Are you really cursed? How can you tell? And if you are, what can you do?

- Learn to combat and protect yourself from various forms of malevolent magic

- We’ll discuss techniques of removing and healing existing crossed conditions.

The Ethics of Cursing: In the beginning, justice was required. But justice was not forthcoming and so practitioners took matters into their own hands. Thus was born the curse. The roots of cursing derive from their historical use as the only tools of justice often available to the persecuted, marginalized, and disenfranchised: focused negative energy is effectively directed toward those perceived as oppressors and perpetrators of evil. Sometimes this energy is focused unconsciously. However, a true curse involves conscious, formalized direction of this energy: it is a form of magic spell. Although the most famous curses are verbal and thus ephemeral, documented curses in physical form do exist for our analysis: from the lead curse tablets distributed throughout the ancient Greco-Roman world to the proto-Hoodoo workings of those enslaved in North America. Once a magic spell is proved successful, it tends to spread rapidly and may be adapted for other purposes and motivations. Thus what were once justice spells may quickly evolve into spells intended to harm. Join author Judika Illes for a discussion of the evolution of cursing, its causes and removal. Misfortune may have many causes, spiritual, magical, or mundane: we will learn to distinguish between them. Ethical issues are covered, as well. Topics include:

- Are curses real?

- Is cursing and hexing ever justified?

- Can a curse, even a multi-generational one, be removed?

The Power and Beauty of the Saints: the Generous Mighty Dead: A saint is someone who, having died, does not entirely depart this mortal coil, but remains accessible to provide assistance and produce miracles for the living. Despite claims to the contrary, no one religion has a monopoly on saints. The most famous saints are Christian saints, but saints derive from many religious and spiritual traditions. Buddhist, Curanderismo, Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, Santeria, Sufi, and Zoroastrian saints exist, as do folk saints, who are effectively secular saints. The first known saint affiliated with devotions to Santa Muerte has recently been identified.  Saints are the generous dead, because they reach beyond the grave to offer help to many people. Unlike ancestors who specifically guard their descendants or spirit guides who may only be concerned with specific individuals, saints may protect and provide for masses of people simultaneously, whether or not these people derive from or adhere to the religion from which that saint derives.  In this workshop, we will discuss saints; learn how to identify your own personal benefactors—your own matron and patron saints; and learn to communicate and work with them in order to achieve your goals and create the life that you desire.

Swan Goddesses: Among the most primeval of known deities, swan goddesses first emerged in northern climates, among the Finns, Magyars, and Saami, as well as among various indigenous peoples of Siberia.  Swans fly and migrate and so did these goddesses, who evolved and transformed to play prominent roles throughout Eurasia. Their descendants may include the goddesses Brigid and Tündér Ilona, as well as the Valkyries, Vila, and White Ladies.  Swan goddesses have left their mark on folklore, religion, fairy tales, and fashion. Mistresses of Transformation, they are spirits of life and death, who serve as psychopomps shepherding souls between the realms of the living and the dead. They control the migration of birds and provide good fortune to human devotees.  Join author Judika Illes in a workshop that lifts the veil from these mysterious and profound goddesses, who linger in our consciousness, most famously as the seed of the beloved ballet, Swan Lake, which is rooted in their mythology. We will learn how to recognize the Swan Goddess and how to invoke her blessings and assistance.

Patrick McCollum  

Creating the Sacred Oil: Connecting with the Magic of our Ancestors: In this hands-on workshop participants will replicate both the formula and the process for creating the ancient sacred oil (Sabbat Oil) used by Pagans to anoint their magical tools in the past.  We will learn the history, each of the mystical plants used and their identification, and the appropriate rituals involved.  Each participant will receive a small portion of the finished oil.  Participant should bring a small vial to take home their oil.  $5 material fee.

A Pagan’s Quest For Peace: A Power Point presentation documenting the use of magic as the catalyst to bring world peace. Many Pagans utilize spells and ritual to bring about change in their lives.  Some use these skills and knowledge to get a better job or to heal a friend or to find an appropriate partner.  But what happens if we set our sights higher.  Much higher!  Reverend Patrick McCollum decided to use magic to create alliances between Pagans and other religions and to use that magical force toward creating world peace.  In a six year period the power of that initial ritual brought together almost a billion people and has launched one of the most successful peace programs in modern history. Join us on a photo journey across the planet as Reverend McCollum shares the story of the magic of peace.

Passing on the Magic:  A sharing of magical lore from an early American Tradition: In this workshop Patrick McCollum will share a series of three mystical stories passed down through oral tradition during the 1950’s and the early 60’s.  The first of these stories explains the origin of the Magic Circle as a mystical temple and also reveals why the four elements and the four directions are acknowledged in Magic and ritual.  The second of these stories, explains the origin of the Magic wand, and details its construction and its connection with the Gods in the practice of Magic.  The third and final story details the origin of the Magical blade, sometimes called Athame’, tracing its development and construction over time and its relationship to the creation of the Magic circle.  Many of today’s magical practices and traditions originate from earlier oral traditions which passed on their knowledge through stories and metaphor’s rather than through the written word.  Over the last 30 or 40 years, the origins of many of these practices have been lost in the shuffle as older traditions split up and divide, and new more eclectic traditions have risen to take their place.  These newer traditions often build on observations gleaned from their predecessors, but do not necessarily have all of the information to begin with.  Consequently, many of the earlier magical practices are continued, but only a shadow of their original meaning remains.  This process is exacerbated even more when these Magical practices from the past are transformed from oral presentations into books, spurring even newer traditions which rise from the knowledge gained there.  Once the rituals are committed to writing, the whole process of oral presentation (the presenting of ideas and traditions, and the asking and answering of questions related to them), are eliminated.  The purpose of this workshop is to help fill in some of the “Blanks” lost in the shuffle and to answer questions arising from that discussion, in an effort to restore the age old oral process that makes us unique from the “religions of the book”; and to help restore the continuity and full understanding of our Magic and ritual, as we continue to grow as a community.

The World Peace Violin, with Rev. Patrick McCollum & Scarlet Rivera: This will be a presentation and a performance.  Reverend McCollum will share the story of the creation of the magical World Peace Violin which is constructed from over a hundred fragments collected from world conflicts.  The World Peace Violin has traveled the planet and has been blessed by over a million people from all walks of life.  In 2015, Dr. Jane Goodall & musician, Yoyo Ma, as the Messengers of Peace for the United Nations, recognized the violin as a official symbol of world peace at the United Nations. The violin will be played by world renowned rock violinist, Scarlet Rivera, who is best know for her work playing with Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, and the Indigo Girls.  Scarlet was named the foremost female instrumentalist by the New York Times!

Regional Teachers – Alphabetical Order By Presenter  

Amy Blackthorn

Creating a Nature Oracle: Don’t let the flower kingdom fool you with its bright colors; there are far better things to be fooled by.  With this working of the Mistress of the Metaphysical you’ll learn how to create your own divination tool, personal to you and infinitely more useful.  The language of flowers speaks to the primal part of us that sees colors and reads feelings. Whether an amateur photographer, an accomplished artist, a maven of the metaphysical in your local craft store or merely someone with a love of flowers and colors you will go home with the ability to create a divination tool to help you answer all of life’s questions, big and small.

Angela Raincatcher  

Working With Your White Ancestors When You Believe Black Lives Matter: Honoring the Ancestors is a vital part of many traditions. But what about those deceased family members who believed and acted in ways we find abhorrent today? How do we work with Ancestors who were racist, sexist, homophobic, and religiously intolerant during their lives? Do white pagans who support social justice and Black Lives Matter have to reject their Ancestors as well as their legacy of racism? In this class, we will look at who and what the Ancestors are, explore some theories on what happens to the spirits of the dead as they transition from their earthly personality to status of Ancestor, discuss the importance of dealing with our Family Shadows, and perform a Rite of Ancestor Elevation.

Baltimore Reclaiming

The Temple of Love: A Ritual for Healing and Liberation: For all the ways you’ve been told you aren’t enough…
For all the ways you’ve been told that what you desire is wrong…
For all the ways that you’ve grieved, and been told your grief was too much…
We built the Temple of Love for you. And it is calling.
What do you hear in its invitation? What will you bring when you come? What does your heart need?  Come, and bring all of yourself to be held in the loving embrace of Love itself as we co-create an ecstatic magical container for the deep work of our heart’s liberation.
*Please bring items for a Love Altar, including statuettes of love deities or items to be charged.

Becky Sheehan & Scott Mohnkhern

Oracular Seidr: “Speak now, seeress, ’till said thou hast. Answer the asker ’till all he knows. . .”  Oracular Seidr is a re creationist ritual in the Northern European traditions where the group journey’s to the gates of Hel, and the seidhkona and seidhmadhr take the high seat and travel beyond the gates, allowing the attendees to ask questions of the ancestors, or the gods.

Byron Ballard

The People’s Craft–Folk Magic and Its Peasant Roots: Folk magic is enjoying a revival and as more people consider this very practical magic, it’s good to review what it is, what it means, how it works and where it came from. Should you? Shouldn’t you?

Sovereign Herbs: Vervain, Mugwort and Blessed Rue: These three Green Allies form the basis of many useful remedies and workings. To know them deeply is to open a door into a deepening of practice and is an invitation to move easily in a world of honest magic.

Carm DiLullo

Sacred Ecology: Do you revere the Earth? Do you view Her as Mother, source of all life, a resource of power, and the Great Provider? Of course you do. But, in order to truly know Her, you must know of Her many parts and how they operate. This class, taught with a “reverent and spiritual twist” is plainly Environmental Science; the condensed version. Learn of the Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, and Biosphere. Topics such as the Ozone layer (and its hole!), global warming, and other hot topics will be presented with the non-science major/lover in mind.

Caroline Kenner

Divine Possession, or Is The Conjure Dance Right for Me?:  Spirit possession is an ancient practice found in three-quarters of human societies, and in every imaginable religious context.  The familiar Drawing Down ceremony in Wicca is a type of spirit possession, as is the seidr work emerging from Heathenry.  Since Sacred Space’s revival in 2008, we have acted as a crucible of learning for this powerful magical technique, in a form found among the New World religions of the African diaspora.  Each year, we have presented Marie Laveau’s New Orleans Voodoo Conjure Dance, giving our conference attendees the opportunity to experiment with divine possession.  Join us to learn more about divine possession, to ask any questions you may have, and to discuss the safety protocols in place at the Conjure Dance on Friday night.

New Orleans Conjure Dance Ritual: Ritual. Caroline Kenner with the musical talents of Firesong The New Orleans Voodoo Conjure Dance is a ritual dance of spirit possession and manifestation. It is inspired by the dances performed by Marie Laveau on Sundays in Congo Square, New Orleans, before the Civil War. All of our tutelary deities and compassionate spirit allies are invited to attend the Conjure Dance, in any of the myriad forms that Their divinity manifests— as long as They can play nicely with the other deities and spirits and conform with our Sacred Space Hospitality Laws. During the Conjure Dance, those who wish may offer themselves as vehicles for our spirit allies while we move in rhythm toward ecstasy. We will be dancing to manifest Compassion, Love, Honor, Prosperity, Peace, and Joy within our community of spiritual seekers. Note: The Conjure Dance comes from the African diaspora traditions of New Orleans. In the African diaspora traditions, initiates wear white clothing, with headscarves for women. If you would like to wear pale clothing and a scarf, please do so. However, there are no wardrobe requirements for the Conjure Dance.    


Invoking Ecstasy: Raising Energy through Rhythm, Voice and Movement: Raising, shaping and directing energy with rhythm, sound and movement is one of our most ancient human birthrights, and among the most profound (and enjoyable) magical working and play.  In this hands-on workshop, we will spend the briefest possible time discussing the theory of raising energy in ritual, then get right to the practice. We will raise energy with the intent of increasing our own ability to feel and move energy, and to bring ecstasy into our lives and the world around us.  Please feel free to bring a drum if you have one, but you don’t need anything other than your own sacred body, and your natural capacity for ecstasy.

Dave Rea

Sacred Geometry:  The goal of this class is to teach you the history and use of some of the key 2D and 3D shapes. To help you better understand why we use circles for magick. To see what shapes are born from circles to not only help you expand your magical castings, but also your personal wards; and interactions with people and energies around you.


Using Astrology to Ramp Up your Magic: We’ll take a quick tour of the ways astrology has been used in magic over the centuries, then we’ll focus on the use of transits, both to the natal chart and as electional charts, using them as timing aids. We’ll be looking at actual charts and considering specific magical goals. A basic knowledge of astrology (planets, signs, houses, aspects) is needed to benefit from this class.

You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?  You’ve either heard it or said it, or both. Magicians in particular must at some point come face-to-face with their beliefs about astrology, because astrology and astrological lore are interwoven with magic throughout history and in many different cultures. We’ll look at astrology from a scientific point of view and Diotima will explain why she does not see astrology and science as being in conflict. Then, as a group, we’ll discuss the various reasons why we do – or don’t – believe in astrology.

Doug Jenkins  

Magickal Blades: Beyond Casting a Circle: This class will explore all aspects of blades and in particularly swords. Whether it is Norse legends about The Dark Smith of Drontheim, the Greek myths surrounding Hephaestus, the smith-king Cuillean, Beowulf’s legendary sword Hrunting, Samurai swords, or King Arthur’s sword Excalibur, msnkind’s fascination with the magic of swords and their creators is a long one. We will explore some of these myths and legends and try to understand how these can help us to work with blades in our rituals aand personal work. I will also talk about the sword making process and how understanding it can also show us new ways to work with blades. A guided meditation will be used to help attendees talk to a smith-god/dess that can help them with future work.


Global Spirits Trance Possession Rite for the Spirits of Sharing: he Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits of Sharing. We will honor our Spirits with drumming, dance, song, and art. The service will begin a half an hour earlier with a sung litany prayer to set the space. All are welcome to join in with this. And then the drums start. The singing and dancing continues throughout, and we call our Spirits into ourselves to share our celebration.
This is an open circle. This is a Pantheistic working.
Please bring:

Your Spirit of Sharing
A song for them, if you have one
A design for them, as we will all be drawing for our individual Spirits.
Altar objects for your Spirit of Sharing
Donations are appreciated.

Gwendolyn Reece  

Glamour: One of the articulations of the higher work of an occultist is to dispel illusion, dissipate glamour, devitalize maya and destroy the Dweller on the Threshold. Glamour, in this sense, is a delusion that occurs at the level of mind in which cognition is mixed with emotion. Almost all of the bane that we are experiencing as humans and that is caused by humans is upheld by glamour. We are in thrall – enslaved – to our glamour. This workshop will teach about the nature of glamour, how to analyze it, and how to work on dissipating it as both a path of self-liberation and as service to the world.

Magick for the good of the Polis:Hellenic Paganism has a rich history of ritual and magick. Although, as with every culture, some of the practices were devoted to the pursuit of good for the individual, Hellenic Paganism put the Good of the collective, the Polis, at its center. This workshop teaches about specific magickal techne from ancient Greece, how it was used for the collective good, and how it might be applied to our current situations.

Ritual Reading of an Hellenic Tragedy:  Hail Dionysos!  Ancient Hellenic theater was once performed in honor of the Great One of altered states of consciousness.  Together in ritual space we will read aloud one of the great tragedies from ancient Greece.  Gwendolyn will give some brief background information on the play and then we will pass the script among us, rotating lines.

Helena Domenic

Making Your Own Magickal Talisman: In this classroom, we will combine paint and clay to create symbols and glyphs to be used as talismans at home or on the go! We will be using acrylic paint, so you may want to bring a t-shirt to wear over your clothing, or something that you won’t be upset getting paint on. $5 material fee

Tarot and the Spheres:  In this class, we will learn the connections between the Minor Arcana of the Tarot and the Spheres of the Qabala. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in only one or both of these magickal systems – knowledge of one can improve, broaden and inform one’s understanding of the other.

Holli Shan (Lady Morgwen Moonrite)

Tea with your Dweller: In this workshop, we will delve deep into ourselves and have tea with our Dweller/Shadow self. Our Shadow is that part of us that holds the precious treasure box of those things that tend to hold us back. Some people are afraid to face what the shadows hold or what they will find there. With a guided meditation we will meet our Shadow with dignity and honor and explore those things that hold us back from evolving and growing.

Irene Glasse 

Basic Yoga: Build a strong, supportive practice as you stretch, strengthen and de-stress with Basic Yoga. Basic Yoga features an accessible pace of foundational yoga poses with focused guidance and alignment cues. Basic Yoga is appropriate for beginners or anyone looking for a stabilizing, focused practice. Some mats will be provided if you do not have your own.

The Healing Labyrinth: Releasing Burdens with Sacred Sound: The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol of transformation, spirituality and connection. One of its most potent uses is as a way to release–to let go of pain, frustration, anger, apathy and feelings of being stuck in a bad situation. This workshop will help attendees work through their burdens in a healthy, constructive way. The workshop will include a facilitated Labyrinth Ritual featuring the use of rattles and chimes to help us Release that which does not serve and Receive healing and renewal.

Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Political Magick: More people are being called to do magick to affect that state of our culture, communities, and systems of governance. For operative magick to be effective when applied at this scale and to these categories, modifications must be made to both the planning and to the execution of the magick. The methods for analysis and implementation will me a mixture of mundane practices in combination with Low, Middle, and High magick. I will also talk about the ethics and consequences of political magick.

Ivo Dominguez Jr. & Laurel Mendes

The Fylgja and The Fetch:  The concept of the Fetch and the Fylgja are not one and the same although there are significant similarities and differences. In this class we will explore what this portion of the soul/spirit means from the perspective of a Heathen and a Witch. In order to do this we will also consider various systems for describing the parts of the Self. We will also discuss how the Fylgja/Fetch are experienced and how they are used in workings. It is also hoped that the class will encourage the attendees to work more with these concepts in their practice.

Jennifer Milby and Robert Lüsch Schreiwer

Zisa: Ancient Lore and Modern Understanding: Learn about the Urglaawe goddess Zisa through the ancient lore and mythology that has preserved Her image and knowledge through time. Hear the story of her evolution. Follow Her progression from a spirit of place in Her role as the foundress and protectress of the ancient Bavarian city of Zizarim (present day Augsburg, Germany). Explore Her preservation in the Christian Era as Mary Undoer-of-Knots. Gain insight into Her recent resurgence as a popular matron of Urglaawe practitioners across the US and Central Europe. Deepen your understanding of Her as two modern practitioners share both community and personal gnosis as revealed through observed synchronicities and the experiences of Her worshipers.

Katrina Messenger

Personality and the Path: Our spiritual journeys are framed and informed by our personality type. We will discuss core conflicts, soul image, the transcendent function, soul work, and the stages of personal evolution.

Stay Woke: Navigating the Spiritual Crisis of a World Gone Mad :We are living in a world where many are finally awakening to the economic and environmental devastation and turmoil that surrounds us. Some are awakening to a sense of fear, others to a sense of rage. How do we navigate this new information, this new awareness, this new terrain? In this workshop I will present an archetypal analysis of The Matrix, and its significance within the spiritual work of social justice.

Kelly Eckert (Angela 9hawks)

Reclaim Your Lost Power: Forge a New Relationship with Your Shadow Spirit Animal: Your shadow spirit animal represents your own gifts and power that you have rejected and pushed into the shadows. This rejection is usually a subconscious result of being afraid of your gifts, being confused at how to use them, and lacking guidance in harnessing your power. This power is yours, and it is only in reclaiming this lost power that you can be fully whole. In this workshop, we will do a guided journey to meet your shadow spirit animal. We will discuss the archetypal gifts and challenges of shadow animals, retrieve personal messages from your shadow animal, and discuss how to continue working with your shadow animal—and your own power—beyond this workshop.

Laurel Mendes

About Luck: Luck Mending. Luck Minding. Luck Bending. Luck Binding.
A moderated conversation and practicum about luck. How does a modern, practically minded Heathen/Pagan interact with/relate to/foster and promote luck, both in hi/r own life and in hi/r larger community? How and when do we (and should we) intervene to change or grow our luck?  There will be spell work as part of the workshop . A $2.00 donation to defray materials cost would be welcomed and appreciated.

Laurel Mendes & Ivo Dominguez Jr.

The Fylgja and The Fetch:  The concept of the Fetch and the Fylgja are not one and the same although there are significant similarities and differences. In this class we will explore what this portion of the soul/spirit means from the perspective of a Heathen and a Witch. In order to do this we will also consider various systems for describing the parts of the Self. We will also discuss how the Fylgja/Fetch are experienced and how they are used in workings. It is also hoped that the class will encourage the attendees to work more with these concepts in their practice.


Brigid and Morrigan: Brigid and Morrigan form a unique kind of polarity, each reflecting aspects of the other while having her own distinct strengths. Together they are extremely powerful for almost any purpose. In this ritual we will explore their relationship and the blessing and baneful uses of the hawthorn and blackthorn as their representatives. If you want to develop a relationship, or deepen a working alliance, with these powerful and accessible goddesses, join this ritual!

Michael G. Smith

Pagan Ethics: In recent years there have been a broad questions about what are and are not ethical magical and religious practices. In this class we will take a two pronged approach, looking at the academic question of contemporary paganism as a world religion and its ethical context and exploring the practical ways in which our internal ethical code can be clarified and then applied in our individual and communal lives.

Monica Stanton

Lions, Sphinxes and Griffins Oh My: This class and path working will teach about lions in all their forms, from winged beasts of the north, to the sphinxes of Africa, to the Griffins of Europe & Asia and how these beings overlap. How they came to be with prehistoric man and how they will continue long after man has left this planet. We will explore how these majestic creatures came from the Deep South of Africa, up the Nilolithic Line and branched out to the 4 corners of the world. The big cats that coexisted with prehistoric man in caves, white snow lions of Tibet, the Foo Dogs of China, the Griffins on the British Coat of Arms, and so on.

 Monika Healing Coyote

Spirits of the City: working with Urban Nature Spirits: Numerous books & articles describe working in partnership with the genius loci of the woodlands, mountains, rivers, and/or fields, but very few describe the Spirits that inhabit subway trains, city parks, homeless shelters, and skyscrapers. There is Magic in cities, if you know how to approach it. This workshop uses New York City, Washington D.C., and London as examples of the many archetypal Spirits that are found within large urban areas. Attendees will learn about the Beggarman, the Eyes of the City, the Royal Court of Subway Trains, and others.


Guardianship and Trance Possession: Being a designated Guardian takes on new parameters during Trance Possession rituals. Trance Possession Guardians need to deal with physical, spiritual, and emotional situations that can arise when the Spirits step into the heads of Horses, especially when the Spirits want to do the driving, as well as the speaking. Come learn what we do, and what one needs to know, to be an effective Trance Possession Guardian.

Raven Edgewalker

Ogma and the Voices of the Tree Ogham: Ritual: Myth tells us that the Great God Ogma first created the Ogham alphabet by inscribing a message onto pieces of birch as a warning to Lug son of Ethliu that his wife was about to be stolen away to Faery. In this participatory, experiential ritual we will invoke the god Ogma, and the letters and trees of the ogham and listen to their voices and energies and ask for their wisdom to be shared with us and to infuse our work. Should you wish to bring ogham fews, charms or other related magical items to charge during the ritual you are very welcome.

Robert Lüsch Schreiwer 

The Troth: Modern Heathenry in a Complex World. Inclusion, Growth, Balancing Identity and Community: The Troth is a large, international, inclusive Heathen organization that is currently experiencing an evolution in its purpose and function. In addition to producing top-notch publications in Heathen scholarship, the organization is taking on new roles in social efforts and international outreach. This discussion/workshop, led by the current Steersman (President and CEO) of The Troth will focus on the organizations efforts as well as on some of the challenges that face Heathens today.

Robert Lüsch Schreiwer and Jennifer Milby

Zisa: Ancient Lore and Modern Understanding: Learn about the Urglaawe goddess Zisa through the ancient lore and mythology that has preserved Her image and knowledge through time. Hear the story of her evolution. Follow Her progression from a spirit of place in Her role as the foundress and protectress of the ancient Bavarian city of Zizarim (present day Augsburg, Germany). Explore Her preservation in the Christian Era as Mary Undoer-of-Knots. Gain insight into Her recent resurgence as a popular matron of Urglaawe practitioners across the US and Central Europe. Deepen your understanding of Her as two modern practitioners share both community and personal gnosis as revealed through observed synchronicities and the experiences of Her worshipers.

Robin Fennelly

Magick’s Fire: The Serpent and the Lion: This workshop will explore the myths and reveal the deeper mysteries of four Goddesses that catalyze those who seek their guidance into a place transformation. We will call to the triune of Hathor, Sekhmet and Isis as Nuit holds the space of potential for our journey. Sound and devotional will open the gates of access to these luminaries that hold the keys to the fires of ancient magick and spiritual development.  Topics will also include our energetic anatomy and the use of this quaternary as stimulators of our subtle systems; the polarities held within each and the point of resonance within our being; and practical application of these beings as archetypes of change within the nature of our place as manifest beings. The class will end with a pathworking of opening.

The Blade of the Uraeus: This is a ritual of transformation using the energies of the Ureaic Serpent of Het-Heru and the Blade of the Lion, Sekhmet to remold and quicken us. We will call to the these Goddesses of change as we stand as human in the “between” of Nuit’s heavens and Geb’s earth. Chant, movement and music will support us as we awaken the Human Divine. Ritual garb is recommended. Please bring water and a small snack to ground immediately following and come well hydrated and having eaten lightly.

Rodney Whittaker

Magickal and Tibetan Methodology Used in  the Protection from Superfluous and Malevolent Entities: Learn the various herbs and stones that are useful when working with malevolent spirits. Information regarding the use of the Tibetan Spirit Trap how it is used to bind and remove unwanted entities, which is used when traditional smudging and cleansing are not effective

Sara L. Mastros

Ex-static Kabbalah: The Work of the Chariot: While it’s sometimes used to refer to the entirety of Jewish esoteric tradition, “kabbalah” is comprised of three related strains of teachings: theological (iyunit), sorcerous (ma’asit), and shamanic (merkaba). We’re going to talk about the least well-known in non-Jewish circles: merkaba, or the work of the chariot. While it’s similar to many other kinds of trance work, merkaba is among the only well-documented, living traditions designed especially for modern, urban environments. Since both Shabbat and Purim have just begun, we’ll start off with a brief ritual highlighting Purim’s relationship to both intoxication and ecstasy, and then move on to learning some merkava. We’ll finish up with a 30 minute ritual employing what we’ve learned.

Scott Mohnkhern & Becky Sheehan

Oracular Seidr: “Speak now, seeress, ’till said thou hast. Answer the asker ’till all he knows. . .”  Oracular Seidr is a re creationist ritual in the Northern European traditions where the group journey’s to the gates of Hel, and the seidhkona and seidhmadhr take the high seat and travel beyond the gates, allowing the attendees to ask questions of the ancestors, or the gods.

Tintalle Foxwood

5 Herbs for the HedgewitchThe path of the witch, occultist, shaman and visionary requires an immense amount of demands on the physical form. In this workshop we will discuss a couple of specific herbal actions and herbs in supporting ongoing spiritual work for personal use. Herbs will be sampled and participants will have the option to prepare a tea blend.

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