Traditional English Craft Practice


©1986/2000 Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki & The Village Elders

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The  New Age has become a term for anything  ‘witchy’. Many Pagan groups have sprung up  based on little but the reading of a few Books . The result is a mixture of a little true craft combined with  bits from Celtic, Irish, and Welsh traditions with pieces from  Lord of the Rings and Fantasy comics. But the Craft of the pre-Saxon was a faith in its own right with ways, beliefs and practices. The Old Religion holds to one thing, the fertility of Land, Cattle, and Women, the cycle of birth  life and death meeting each with trust and joy..

This workshop is built around practices older than the Chalk figures on English hill-sides. Once it flourished, now it lives only in the hearts and minds of a few. But what has been saved can now be  taught to those worthy of it. In the old way of mouth to ear you will listen to the words of the Last Walker, passing on Traditional Craft.

Dolores trained in the Western Mysteries ,but always loved The Craft. She set it aside to fulfill a promise made many lives ago, & returned to help save the Traditional Craft and became its last  “Walker.” For five years, she copied  and orally learned the old ways. Bound by Blood Oath she gave her word to protect the people, sites, and ‘Heart of the Tradition’. Some she was given permision to teach so it could be passed on.

The Dancing Floor. Clearing the Circle. The Beltane Maid. The Tallow Maid. The Midsummer Rite. The Corn King’s Passing. The Kissing Bough. Garland Day. The Fire Feast. The 12 Moons of the Year.and their Dark equivalent. Handfasting as it was before the Conqueror took England. This a little of what you will hear about. Come and learn the old  ways abd the old songs and and Walk the Way of the Folk as it used to be.