The Schedule For Sacred Space 2019
(subject to change) 
Here is the PDF to the draft schedule (Rituals are in Red) 
THURSDAY 3/21/2019 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
3:30 – 4:00 OPENING RITUAL
4:15 – 5:30 Raven Edgewalker: Celtic Deer Goddesses: An Experiential Journey Ariel Sirocco: The Observer Created Reality (The OCR): The Psychology and Science of Magic AV Screen Haeleron Kevin Hawke: Reforging the Inner Self – Leveling Uphigh tops Monika Healing Coyote: The Dance of Mind and Spirit AV
5:30 – 7:30 DINNER
7:30 – 9:15




Andras Corban-Arthen: Songs & Tales of Wonder AV Sara Mastros: The Hymn to Mousaios: An Ancient Initiatory Ritual Chelidon: Next Level Spellcrafting: Bringing It Home Jim Dickinson: Pastoral Counseling Skills for Priest/esses
9:30 – 11:00 Gwendolyn Reece: The Eleusinian Mysteries AV Scott Mohnkern: Run Valdr  

Firesong: UTOS: Global Spirits Service for the Spirits of Friendship 2 tables




Patricia Robin Woodruff: Dragons and Domovoy: Spirits and Allies of Old Europe

FRIDAY 3/22/2019 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
8:30 – 9:30



Chris Farmer: Chi Kung Irene Glasse: All Levels Yoga    
10:00 – 11:30 Byron Ballard: Finding the Other Realms Under suburbia Literata: Aphrodite and Athena Laurel Mendes: Box Up the Shadow Work  

Leanne Pemburn: All Things Chiron

11:30 – 1:30 LUNCH      
1:30 – 3:15




John Beckett: Connecting to the Land Where You Are Michael Smith: Through the Hidden Door 4 rectangle 1 large round tables Robin Fennelley: The Dweller on the Threshold 1 high boy HecateDemetersdatter: The Magical Battle for America

3:30 – 5:00





Andras Corban-Arthen: The “Indians” of Old Europe AV Sara Mastros: Witch’s Protection Bottle Making Workshop

Large tables for working ($10 material fee)

Angela Raincatcher: Connecting with Our Blessed Ancestors Michael M. Hughes: Witches Fight Back: Magic as Resistance
5:00 – 7:00 DINNER      
7:00 – 8:45




John Beckett: A Gathering of Ravens: A Devotional Ritual to the Morrigan5 Highboys



Aeptha: Lions and Serpents AV Ivo Dominguez Jr.: Ancestralization: A Pagan Approach Irene Glasse: The Art of Guising—Sacred Masks and Aspecting in Ritual
9:00 –11:00





Byron Ballard: Green and Healing Magick Katrina Messenger: Elemental Conflicts: Engines for Spiritual Change AV Michael Smith: Osiris, Horus, Set: The Eternal Struggle Gwendolyn Reece: Ritual Reading of an Ancient Hellenic Play
SATURDAY 3/23/2019 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
8:30 – 9:30



Chris Farmer: Chi Kung Irene Glasse: All Levels    
10:00 – 11:30




Andras Corban-Arthen: Pagans at the  Parliament AV Laurel Mendes: The Black Trance ($1 material fee) Aeptha: Drawing Down the Fire of the Gods 6 High boys Dave Rea: It’s all in the Wrist
11:30 – 1:30 LUNCH     Death Doula Lunch
1:30 – 3:15




Byron Ballard: Tower Time: Whither Now?


Katrina Messenger: Common Dream Sybolism for Spiritual Growth AV Robin Fennelly: The Guardian at the Gate—A Ritual of Healing and Integration 6 highboys Carm DiLullo: The Art of Fire Scrying AV
3:30 – 5:00




Andras Corban-Arthen: Lessons from the European Pagan Survivals AV Ivo Dominguez Jr.: Chalice of the Four Waters Robert L. Schreiwer: Der Lewesbaam: The Tree of Life AV Jim Dickinson: Contacted Traditions: Sponsors, Overshadowing and Indwelling
5:00 – 7:00 DINNER      
7:00 – 8:45





John Beckett: The Shredded Veil

Sandy English: Standing at the Crossroads—A Hecate Devotional Ritual 5 high boys
9:00 – midnight




PARTY PARTY Gaming Party Literata Hurley: Literata’s Broom Race

2-3 6’ Tables

SUNDAY 3/24/2019 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
8:00 – 8:45  


9:00 – 10:30




Byron Ballard: What Granny Knew: The Appalachian Herbal Healing from the Scots-Irish Tradition Annie Lynsen: The Genderqueer Tree of Life AV Diane Awenyyd-Evans: Devotional to Gwydion, the Wise One Young, Goble & Jones: An Examination of Urglaawe Deities AV
10:30 – 12:30 BRUNCH & CHECKOUT      
12:30 – 2:15




John Beckett: Self-Care for Priests and Other Pagan Leaders Eric Eldrich: The Intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality: Rethinking Pagan Paradigms Literata Hurley: Three Faces of Brigid 3 highboys Amy Blackthorn: Connecting Magick and Science
2:30 – 3:00 CLOSING RITUAL      


Byron Ballard

Tower Time: Whither Now?  Sat 1:30 – 3:15 MD 4

We’re in it, we should have been working before now, so what can we do?  Is it too late to effect any real change? We’ll pick apart the idea of endings and beginnings, ponder what “community” means in these highly partisan times and look at some simple, sensible strategies for new or renewed resilience. To be a magic worker is to stretch the shady boundaries of time and space and we do well to remember that.

Green and Healing Magic F 9:00 – 11:00 PM MD 4

Many of us are bombarded these days with requests for healing in body, mind and spirit. This class offers ways for the healer to cope–and even thrive—and be helpful whether the healing is needed for kith, kindred, colleagues or self. Gather and use the material in the world around you as you consider the “magic” of intention and other energy work. Learn deep relaxation techniques & spend time with the Seven Sovereign Sisters of the Appalachian Mountains.

What Granny Knew: Appalachian Herbal Healing from the Scots-Irish Tradition Sun 9:00 – 10:30 AM MD 4

Many of the herbal remedies used successfully by the mountain people of the southern Appalachians came from their homelands in the British Isles. We’ll also explore the storied histories of three sovereign herbs: mugwort, rue and vervain.  Troubled by nightmares? Think you can change the weather? Learn how to use them, what they do and the history that came with them.

Finding The Other Realms Under Suburbia Fri 10:00 – 11:30 AM MD 4

We all dream of misty woods and meadows full of fireflies. But many of us live in the concrete forests of urban America.  How can we access the wildwood from a third floor apartment? Do land spirits visit window boxes on fire escapes?  Does a manicured city park contain any real magic?  The answer is a joyful “yes!” Come and learn the secrets of crossing the borders in a world with asphalt pathways and springs of recycled water.

John Beckett

A Gathering of Ravens: A Devotional Ritual to the Morrigan Fri 7:00 – 8:45 MD 4

The Morrigan is the Irish Goddess of sovereignty, of battle and of the aftermath of battle. She is very active in our world, calling people to follow Her and Her virtues. In this ritual we will honor the Morrigan and listen for Her call, and if we choose, respond to it.

Connecting to the Land Where You Are Fri 1:30 – 3:15 MD 4

Most of us who live in North America don’t have deep ancestral connections to the land where we live. We have ethical concerns about how we came to hold this land and the way our not-very-distant ancestors treated the people who were here first. And yet as Pagans, we recognize we need a connection to the land.

This workshop will explore the ways we can form relationships with the land where we are, whether we live in cities, suburbs, or rural areas, based on a foundation of animism and the principles of reciprocity.

Self-care for Priests and Other Pagan Leaders Sun 12:30 – 2:15 MD 4

Priesthood is a noble calling. We serve our Gods, our traditions, and our communities… sometimes at the expense of our own wellbeing. But who cares for us?

This workshop will cover techniques of self-care as well as other resources we can draw on in times of need. It is presented in the context of priests and priestesses serving in polytheist traditions, but it is appropriate for anyone in a position of spiritual and community leadership.

The Shredded Veil Sat 7:00 – 8:45 Garden

Modern Pagan tradition says a Veil separates the world of the living from the world of the Gods and ancestors, and that the Veil is thinner at certain times of the year, like Samhain. But over the past few years, many of us have felt like the Veil is shredded, and both magic and spirits are crossing over regularly, for good and for ill.

This workshop will examine our experiences of the shredded Veil and our theories about what might be causing it. It will include an open discussion where participants can share their recent Otherworldly experiences and compare notes, as we to try to refine our thinking about what’s going on.

Andras Corban-Arthen 

The ‘Indians’ of Old Europe Fri 3:30 – 5:00 MD 4

European paganism never died out completely – to this day, ethnic survivals of traditional pagan practices can still be found in remote areas of Eastern and Western Europe. Andras has spent more than 40 years seeking out such surviving traditions, and in this workshop he will discuss the nature and scope of some of those practices, how they managed to survive, and the striking similarities they share with indigenous spiritualities from other parts of the world. The presentation will also include slides of people and places, as well as a short film.

Lessons from the European Pagan Survivals Sat 3:30 – 5:00 MD 4

In this talk, which is an extension of the program The ‘Indians’ of Old Europe, Andras will identify some of the key, enduring elements that can be found among the traditional European pagan survivals which he has encountered, and discuss ways in which modern pagans might benefit by integrating some of those elements into their own practices. Prior attendance to The ‘Indians’ of Old Europe is recommended, but not required.

Pagans at the Parliament Sat 10:00 – 11:30 MD 4

The first Parliament of the World’s Religions, held in Chicago in 1893, birthed the global interfaith movement. The Parliament continues to be held every few years in a different city, bringing together thousands of representatives of the world’s many religions, and pagans have played an important – and sometimes controversial – role in these modern events.  Andras Corban-Arthen, currently the only pagan serving on the Parliament’s Board of Trustees, will discuss the remarkable 25-year relationship between the Parliament and the pagan movement, the impact that pagans have had on the Parliament and vice-versa, why it’s important for pagans to participate in both local and worldwide interreligious dialogues, and some of the steps they can take in order to do so effectively.

Songs & Tales of Wonder Thurs 7:30 – 9:15 MD 4

In the midst of the digital age it’s easy to forget that, for the greater part of human history, the traditional knowledge of any given culture was typically passed on orally, to small gatherings of people, by minstrels, bards and storytellers. This performance/workshop focuses on several traditional songs and stories, primarily from the British Isles, which are linked by otherworldly themes: witchcraft, magic, apparitions, fairy beings, shape-shifting, etc. In addition to performing the songs and tales, Andras will discuss the lore and symbolism they embody, and show slides of some of the physical settings associated with them.



Drawing Down the Fire of the Gods Sat 10:00 – 11:30 Garden

This ritual invokes the five fires within and calls down the five cosmic fires to heal, purify, enliven, expand and inspire. This ecstatic ceremony invokes self- transcendence that opens new pathways of consciousness. A cohesive container is created with clear intent and then drumming, movement and chant is utilized to facilitate this powerful and unique working. Ceremonial garb is recommended but not required.

Lions and Serpents Fri 7:00 – 8:45 MD 3

There is a long and unique relationship between the Lion and its polar opposite the Serpent. The archetype of the serpent is traditionally cold, chthonic, and moist compared to the lion as warm-blooded, heat, and fire. Symbolically they are sometimes depicted peacefully together and other times in opposition. This class will explore these two vast and intricate expressions of frequency whose face is that of the lion and the serpent. You will also be taught how to safely and effectively work with them as pillars using a formula that forms a gateway.

Diane Awenyyd – Evans

Devotional to Gwydion, the Wise One Sun 9:00 – 10:30 AM Garden

Gwydion (Wise One) the Welsh God, is a Mage, Father, Teacher, Healer, Shaman, and Servant of the Goddess. His story is one of personal evolution, from immature unethical magician to Wise Healer and Mage. We will explore His transformation and its implications for us and our society through telling and discussing His story, followed by a ritual of Devotion to those aspects of Himself that we wish to empower in ourselves and our world.

Amy Blackthorn

Connecting Magic and Science: Decoding Scientific Names Sun Tack 12:30 – 2:15

Combing through the botanical names of plants is fascinating, it tells us so much about the journey of magic that takes place within each plant. When you connect each plant to its botanical family you can do more than know its roots; you can instinctively tell its magical history, lineage and uses in a way that memorizing books with never match. Understand working botanical magic with this innovative approach to working with plants.


Next Level Spellcrafting: Bringing It Home Thurs 7:30 – 9:15

In this seminar, we will look at a variety of traditional, formal spellcrafting tools and techniques as well as hedge-witchery, folk-magic and intuitive methods that can give power and energy to our workings. We will explore ideas and techniques behind some of the more commonly requested spell-workings, including those of protection, banishing, and manifestation, to help evolve our own spellworking practices.

Hecate Demetersdatter

The Magical Battle for America Fri 1:30 – 3:15 Tack

Dion Fortune and others are known for waging a successful magical battle to protect England from Nazi invasion. What can we learn for today’s struggle from their workings? They were able to draw upon a number of well-known British icons such as Arthurian legend, Drake’s Drum, and Glastonbury Tor. What are our American equivalents? How do today’s fascists draw upon the occult powers that fed those opposed to Dion Fortune? How can we oppose them?

Jim Dickinson

Pastoral Counseling Skills for Priest/esses Thurs 7:30 – 9:15 Tack

The difference between secular and pastoral/spiritual counseling is significant in content, context and intent – and more of our members need both these days. Many cannot move on spiritually until both needs are met. Basic counseling skills are needed for both. This workshop is for those already in leadership roles in groups and/or those that are not formally trained in counseling but are called on to counsel and/or feel they would like to improve their skills, gain a few techniques, or practice with some tough issues. We will discuss the anatomy of a successful session, proven techniques for moving positively, appropriate boundaries, and the all-important differences between secular and pastoral counseling. Bring your tough issues and we will role-play some sessions.

Contacted Traditions: Sponsors, Overshadowing and Indwelling Sat Tack 3:30 – 5:00

What does it mean to have a ‘contacted’ tradition? What are these beings? How do they interact? What is their purpose? Why does it matter? During the change of the ages, the opportunity for contact and the anchoring of these being in our space and time has increased. We will discuss the nature of the beings, the potential forms of contact, the limits and benefits, and how members of contacted traditions might interact with their contact. It is a relatively rare occurrence, but when it happens it matters.

Carm DiLullo

The Art of Fire Scrying Sat 1:30 – 3:15 Tack

We have all sat around fires at festivals and rituals enjoying the warmth of the glow and the dance of the flames. The heart quickens, the mind races, and the urge to draw closer becomes intense. Is there something more that burns? The Fire will tell you secrets, and answer questions but first you must learn the art of Fire Scrying. Come and learn how this art engages your senses at a deep and spiritual level.

Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Chalice of the Four Waters Sat 3:30 – 5:00 MD 3

This is a rite for the healing of the heart, our relationship with the past, and our sense of hope. We will open the Gates to the Sub- Elements of Water: Air of Water, the Fire of Water, the Water of Water, & Earth of Water. Together these will combine to form the Spirit of Water. We call upon the Goddess Brigid for Her help in cleansing and renewing our capacity to greet the world with an open heart that seeks harmony. This is a gentle but deeply moving rite. If possible, prepare yourself by thinking on what you would like to release or change. You are invited to join us in the chants, but you may participate silently as well.

Ancestralization: A Pagan Approach Fri 7:00 – 8:45 Garden

This workshop presents both methods and a conceptual framework for the process of elevating the dead to the status of the Mighty Dead, those than can be called upon for assistance. This protocol includes information on when and how to empower the departed, how to energize and stabilize their connection to the physical plane, and suggestions for ongoing work over the months and years after their death. This material can be adapted for a wide range of Traditions. This is an intermediate/advanced class, and will be densely packed with information.

Raven Edgewalker

Celtic Deer Goddesses: An Experiential Journey Thurs 4:15 – 5:30 MD 4

The mysterious, elusive deer goddesses of many names and faces come to us in half glimpses in the gloaming. You might catch a glimpse of a doe or an antlered figure moving through the forest. Called Elen of the Ways and other faded, forgotten names they are even more fleeting than the mysterious Cernunnos. Researching the myths of these Goddesses provides just tantalizing fragments – the mention of a name in the pages of The Mabinogion, a mysterious statue of a horned goddess in the British Museum…much is left to the personal gnosis of those called to her ways. Come, listen to stories, join in an experiential trance journey and learn more about ways of deepening relationship with the elusive deer-goddesses.

Eric Eldritch

The Intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality: Rethinking Pagan Paradigms Sun 12:30 – 2:15 MD 3

Within your spiritual practices how do you define these terms: Male. Female. Both. Neither. Straight. Gay. Bi. Sacred. Profane. Profound. Taboo. Dominate. Submissive. Supple. Solid. Potent. Impotent. Sexual. Spiritual. What were you taught growing up? How different is too different? Where do you fit in now? What are the experiences of individuals in your coven, grove, or circle? What are the sacred mysteries and initiations at the intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality? Would you like to explore these terms in new modes and models of understanding? See you in class for a lively discussion.

Sandra English

Standing at the Crossroads – A Hecate Devotional Ritual Sat 7:00 – 8:45 Tack

At times of great change, either internally or externally, we often seek clarity and guidance. In this ritual we will work with the power of the crossroads and the magic of Hecate to seek Her wisdom and vision. Participants will work with approaching the crossroads and learning to invoke the crossroads within. We will work with the magic of Hecate, Keeper of the Crossroads, Guardian of the Keys of Mysteries, the Torch Bearer, to bring vision and wisdom to guide our way. Each participant will also have the opportunity to seek Hecate’s aid and guidance through an audience with Her.

Chris Farmer

Chi Kung Fri & Sat 8:30 – 9:30 AM MD 4

Chi Kung is an ancient exercise to gently stretch the body and invigorate the meridians. By gently moving and twisting our bodies, we can find better bodily function and peace of mind. This form is from the Tung Family, which I have been teaching for almost twenty-five years. This form does not have much footwork and can be done standing or sitting, depending on your abilities. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Robin Fennelly

The Dweller on the Threshold Fri 1:30 – 3:15 Garden

The Dweller on the Threshold is a concept that flows through multiple spiritual traditions in many guises. In its most basic form it is that guardian within that holds us up to scrutiny as we attempt to reach higher than the corporeal form will allow. In its complexity, this concept is the initiator of inner reflection that requires the individuation and willing sacrifice of personality to ascend into the realms of Spirit. We greet this dweller and guardian of our Higher Mysteries in the work of the shadow, the integration of all parts of self/SELF and in aligning ourselves with those practices that dig deeply into the core of who and what we are outside of our Divine manifestation. This workshop will explore the origins of this concept, its application, and meaning for the individual and its use as an adaptable aspiration regardless of spiritual path.

The Guardian at the Gate –A Ritual of Healing and IntegrationSat 1:30 – 3:15 Garden

This ritual will honor all the parts of self as co-creators of a vessel of healing and space for growth of the Soul’s higher purpose. Using the elemental correlates of our form in all of their planes of resonance throughout our subtle bodies we will greet the guardian, construct the Temple of (our) Spirit and enter that which may be called upon in our future workings as we walk the path of the seeker and the self-created Divine. Please bring an amulet or crystal that you wish to empower as a memory keeper and activator of the sacred work of this ritual.


Global Spirits Service for the Spirits of Friendship Thurs 9:30 – 11:00 PM Garden

In this open circle, The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits, honoring them in their manifestations through drumming, dance, song, possession trance, and art. Please bring: Your Spirit of Friendship; a song for them, if you have one; a design for them; altar objects, if you have them, and drums, if you drum. You may wish to dress in the colors of the Spirit you’ll be honoring. The Universal Temple of Spirits is a celebratory group practicing in the Global Spirits tradition. The celebrations welcome Spirits from around the globe in harmony. Rituals are theme-based, rather than pantheon-based, and incorporate what we have in common as humans: dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance.

Irene Glasse

All Levels Yoga Fri & Sat 8:30 – 9:30 AM MD 3

Experience the connection of breath, movement and meditation with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Poses flow seamlessly and rhythmically, delivering a strengthening, whole-body practice with deep release. All Levels classes are open to everyone – options will be given to increase or decrease your challenge to suit your practice. Some mats and props will be available, but please feel free to bring your own supplies.

The Art of Guising – Sacred Masks and Aspecting in RitualFri Tack 7:00 – 8:45

Sacred Theater is a synthesis of channeled energies and planned actions and interactions. Through Guising, or Aspecting, we are able to open the connection to Powers outside our own Self, and then allow those Powers to take a role within ritual and spellwork. Through a series of discussions and exercises, learn techniques to safely channel and embody Powers/Spirits/Totems, allow Them to speak through you, and most importantly, to safely return to your Self. Please bring a mask you wish to work with. Some masks will be available for exploration if you do not have your own.

Haeleron Kevin Hawke

Reforging the Inner Self – Leveling Up Thurs 4:15 – 5:30 Garden

As we move through life, emotional trauma, abuse, and loss cause our inner selves to fracture. In this workshop and ritual, we identify a personal, traumatic event, and using the power of the astral forge, rebuild the inner self to bring separated parts of ourselves back together. The re-forging process involves travel to the Realm of Elemental Fire. The 5 elements of the body – earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, are aligned so they focus and work towards the same goal.

Monika Healing Coyote

The Dance of Mind and Spirit Thurs 4:15 – 5:30 Tack

In many religions, transcendent spiritual practices can give practitioners direct revelatory interactions with different forms of the Divine. These methods can be used both in community and individual searches for gnosis. Sometimes, the practitioner can experience extra-sensory phenomena, which can be terrifying if the dominant culture does not support the experience. Many extra-sensory phenomena overlap with the psychological definitions of mania, delusions, hallucinations, and hysteria. How can one tell the difference between visionary spiritual experiences and symptoms of mental illness? How can we support our peers through these experiences? And how can we protect ourselves from those who would discredit or harass practitioners who believe their experiences to be real? This workshop will give spiritual practitioners, members of the clergy, mental health professionals, ministers, friends, and families the information needed to evaluate these types of experiences. We will start with a short background of the different cultures & philosophies regarding mental illness and visionary spiritual states. Attendees will learn about psychological illnesses, focusing on both biological & personality disorders (from the DSM-5), and compare/contrast those symptoms with the symptoms of Visionary Spiritual Experiences. Video examples will be used to help participants observe different symptomology. The workshop will close with options for referring people to appropriate service providers.

Michael M. Hughes

Witches Fight Back: Magic as Resistance Fri 3:30 – 5:00 Tack
This workshop looks at the fascinating history of magical resistance, from historical accounts of European witchcraft, African American Vodou and Conjure resistance to slavers, witches and occultists vs. Nazis, through the turbulent, magic-drenched 60s and to the present renaissance of magical resistance in the era of Trumpism (with the inside story of the viral Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him). We’ll view some powerful, seldom-seen images, explore hidden stories and legends, and end with a ritual from Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change.

Literata Hurley

The Broom Race Sat 9:00 – midnight Tack

Use all your Wisdom, Intuition, Talent, Charm, and Hex appeal to cast a spell on Literata and friends as we bring back Broom Race for its second year! Or, you know, just come hang out and play magical games (Random item challenges, Tarot storytelling, and Murphy’s Ritual, plus more), learn a little, and laugh a lot. (Note: No actual brooms required.)

Aphrodite and Athena Fri 10:00 – 11:30 AM MD 3

Passion and wisdom need not pull in opposite directions; we will discuss representations of these goddesses in ancient texts and modern interpretations, and then apply those ideas to help us develop relationships with them. This workshop will include a guided trance journey to meet with Aphrodite, Athena, and both together. Please feel free to bring a small drum or rattle or other aids to trance journey.

Three Faces of Brigid Sun 12:30 – 2:15 Garden

Three celebrants will embody the goddess Brigid in her aspects as Smith, Healer, and Poet. Participants may visit with any or all of the faces of Brigid to seek her blessing in many different forms – in the forging of flame, in the anointing of oil, and in the words of wisdom. By these three paths to her, we find the magic that has made Brigid such a versatile and enduring goddess.


Annie Lynsen

The Genderqueer Tree of Life Sun 9:00 – 10:30 AM MD 3

The Hermetic Qabala is often perceived as an old-fashioned magickal tool full of absolutes and gender binaries. However, a deeper look within reveals all kinds of complicated, multi-faceted, fluid gender, and magickal polarities. This class will provide a brief introduction to Hermetic Qabala, including a pathworking where participants can experience the energy of each sphere. We will then look at the use of gender and polarities in magick and on the Tree of Life, and consider how this can relate to our magickal perspectives and practices. The class will conclude by offering a sample model for applying a queer lens to the Tree of Life, offering participants the tools necessary to develop their own.

Sara Mastros

The Hymn to Mousaios: An Ancient Initiatory Ritual Thurs 7:30 – 9:15 PM MD 3

In this class, we’ll discuss the first Orphic Hymn, which begins “Mousaios, learn this very holy mystic ritual, which surely excels every other one!” Mousaios is a proper name, which literally means “of the Muses”. In myth, he is understood to be on the great ur-bards of ancient Greece, along with Orpheus, Hesiod, and Homer. Some say he is the teacher of Orpheus, and some say he is the son of Orpheus and Selene. There are even those who believe that Mousaios is identical to the biblical Moses. However, in this piece, I understand it to be a title, rather than a proper name. A “mousaios”, I believe, is one who is “of the Muses”, that is to say, their initiate. This reading explains the function of this hymn in relation to the others. It is the preliminary initiation into muse-craft, so that one might speak the hymns with the authority of Orpheus. If it is, indeed, an initiation ritual, it lacks any explicit instructions needed to contextualize the text. However, by making use of those fragments of the Orphic secrets which have come down to us, and interpolating between several other initiations of the same general time period and culture, we can reconstruct a ritual that I have found extremely effective. The most important text I referenced in this reconstruction is the Derveni Papyrus, and another important key was the Papyri Graecae Magicae(PGM) XIII.934-949 titled “As the revelator Orpheus handed down in his secret instruction”.

Witch’s Protection Bottle Making Workshop Fri 3:30 – 5:00 MD 3

Witch’s bottles are a very old form of protective magic designed to turn back any ill wishing or malefic magic pointed your way. In this class, you’ll learn about witch bottles and other kinds of apotropaic (counter-spell) magic. We’ll all make our own bottles to take home. $10 materials fee

Laurel Mendes

The Black Trance Sat 10:00 – 11:30 MD 3

There is a trance state where every sensation we have is stilled and we are enveloped in black. When we talk about it after the fact, others may respond, “You just fell asleep.” More often than might be expected, this is not the case. Our consciousness has entered the trance state that some have called “The Black Trance.” What is it? Why does it happen? How can we use it and what we receive in it? How can we work to achieve that state and move beyond it? We will learn answers and techniques in this 90-minute workshop. $1 materials fee

Box Up The Shadow Work Fri 10:00 – 11:30 AM Garden

Yes, shadow work is important, even vital, to people of power and people working power. What we forget, and what is often more difficult for us, is the work of self-love. Bring a Tarot deck, your Runes, or your favorite method of divination, and join us as we each bless, receive blessings, and teachings guided by the spirits and ourselves. $1-3 materials fee (sliding scale)

Katrina Messenger

Elemental Conflicts: Engines for Spiritual Change Fri 9:00 – 11:00 PM MD 3

As our personalities grow and change over time, we find ourselves caught in the eternal conflicts between lofty ideals vs. concrete reality (air/earth) and panoramic views vs. nitty-gritty details (water/fire). How do these conflicts and polarities shape our spiritual growth? How can we use these conflicts to fuel our growth rather than grind us down? How do these polarities affect us personally and collectively?

Common Dream Symbolism for Spiritual Growth Sat 1:30 – 3:15 MD 3

Certain symbols within dreams represent the individual psyche, the way a person moves in the world, and the landscapes they inhabit. Within those images, we can recognize certain patterns that represent growth. Learn about the most common symbols that show evidence for growth and how you can glean information from them.

Scott Mohnkern

Run Valdr Thurs 9:30 – 11:00 PM MD 3

Run valdr is a Reiki like healing modality based upon the Norse Runes. Similar to Reiki, the runes are used as a modality for passing energy primarily for healing purposes, as well as other activities. In this workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of this healing practice, receiving a basic attunement, and have the chance to pair up with a partner and experience how to use this system.

Leanne Pemburn

All Things Chiron Fri 10:00 – 11:30 AM Tack

In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the first astrologer, shaman and healer, touching many heroes and other mythic characters and sending them on their journeys. In 1977, the planetoid Chiron was discovered among the outer planets, in Saturn & Uranus, heralding a New Age of healing modalities and a sea change of culture and energy. Our wide-ranging discussion will start here. After a short discussion, we will hold ritual to engage with Chiron.

Angela Raincatcher

Connecting With Our Blessed Ancestors Fri 3:30 – 5:00 Garden

Not all who have died are well and at peace. Not all who are dead are Ancestors…yet. In this ritual, we will journey back in our blood line to meet our bright, blessed Ancestors, who are whole, wish us well, and bring forward their powerful insights and blessings to vitalize our lives.

Dave Rea

It’s All In The Wrist Sat 10:00 – 11:30 Tack

This class is an in-depth look at the Binding of Fenrir and the relationship between Tyr and Fenrir. The class will also describe how to build a relationship and work with the Shadow Wolf.

Gwendolyn Reece

Ritual Reading of an Ancient Hellenic Play Fri 9:00 – 11:00 PM Tack

Hail Dionysus! Ancient Hellenic theater was once performed in honor of the Great One of altered states of consciousness. Together in ritual space we will read aloud one of the great plays from ancient Greece. Gwendolyn will give some brief background information on the play and then we will pass the script among us, rotating lines. The play is always given to Gwendolyn in trance based on what needs to be spoken in ritual space. In 2017, we read “Seven Against Thebes”, and in 2018 we read “Lysistrata”. We await to see what will be required by these times.

The Eleusinian Mysteries Thurs 9:30 – 11:00 PM MD 4

The Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis are the oldest of the Hellenic mysteries, already being fully formed by Mycenaean times. The Mysteries are a specific cult form in which, through ritual initiations, the initiate is transformed at an immortal level. The change that is wrought in initiation to the Mysteries, therefore, carries across the bridge of death. This workshop will include mythic and historical information, stories and photographs from a pilgrimage, and a Path-working in which the participants will be invited to encounter the sanctuary and the Great Ones of the Mysteries.

Robert L. Schreiwer

Der Lewesbaam: The Tree Of Life Sat 3:30 – 5:00 Garden

Der Lewesbaam: The Tree of Life World Tree depictions exist in many cultures throughout the world, and the Deitsch (Pennsylvania Dutch or Pennsylvania German) culture is no exception. The Deitsch understanding of the World Tree plays a pivotal role in Urglaawe cosmology and philosophy and in the practices of Braucherei and Hexerei. In this workshop, we will map out the Lewesbaam and describe its place in the “forest of World Trees.”

Ariel Sirocco

The Observer Created Reality (The OCR): The Psychology and Science of Magic Thurs 4:15 – 5:30 MD 3

How do we use our personal energy as a tool for manifesting our desires? What is the science of transfiguration? How exactly is it that prayer, spell casting, affirmations, and creative visualization work? In this lecture, we’ll delve into the realm of Psychological Alchemy and examine the physical mechanics of raising and directing energy – and its potential applications in spell craft to energetic healing. We’ll be discussing the geometry of consciousness, how it can be broken and reconfigured – psychonauts and science enthusiast welcomed!

Michael G. Smith

Through the Hidden Door Fri 1:30 – 3:15 MD 3

We seek a deeper understanding of the Fae in their own right and not just in relationship to humans, and walk some of the paths less taken in their realm. We will seek to create and strengthen the bonds between us and them and discover how and why many of their purposes and goals are in sync with the growth of awareness and spiritual evolution of humans.

Osiris, Horus, Set: The Eternal Struggle Fri 9:00 – 11:00 PM Garden

An exploration of the Osiris/Set/Horus relationship, its mythical underpinnings, symbolism, and usefulness in understanding the Ancient Egyptian and modern ideas surrounding life, death, struggle, and sacrifice

Patricia Robin Woodruff

Dragons and Domovoy: Spirits and Allies of Old Europe Thurs 9:30 – 11:00 PM Tack

The fairy-like vila, the forest masters known as the leshi, the wild women of the forest, the house spirits called domovoy, the Russian mermaids known as rusalka… these are names you may know from Harry Potter or fairy tales. If you know how to connect with these spirits from the “Old World” they can be wonderful intermediaries with the Deities and the Spiritual Realms. They can teach you, help you divine the future and help you with your magical abilities. This class will cover how to connect with these spirits, work with them, and protect against the whimsy of fey-folk. Come find out how to connect with these spirit allies.

Victoria Hutt Young, Larry L. Gobel Jr. & Michelle A. Jones

An Examination of Urglaawe Deities Sun 9:00 – 10:30 AM Tack

Holle, Berchta, Ewicher Yeeger, and Weisskepichi Fraa — these Deities specific to Urglaawe came across the Atlantic with the early Deitsch settlers. Even Dunner, Wodan, and Freid, (known in Norse lore with their own identities) existed and still persist in the folk life of our ancestors with slightly different personalities. As we continue to sort out our pre-Christian roots through research and interviews with elders who practice Pow-wow, Braucherei, and Hexerei (and would most likely nominally call themselves Christian), we constantly uncover more and more lore, “superstitions,” and nursery rhymes that further clarify who our Deities are and why they are important to our Tradition. Let us share how we are honoring those discoveries and coming to know more about our Gods.