The Schedule For Sacred Space 2017
(subject to change) 
THURSDAY 3/15/18 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
3:30 – 4:00 Opening Ritual
4:15 – 5:30  

Gale Hamby: It’s in the Cards

Chelidon: Shadow-path of the Wicked Trickster Keiden Bren:   Building a Relationship with Sacred Fire Caryn MacLuan: Returning Warriors…Bringing them Home
5:30 – 7:30 DINNER
7:30 – 9:15




T. Thorn Coyle : Between Space and time: A Healing of Memories Byron Ballad: Old Wild Magics of the Motherland


Mid-Atlantic Spae Team: Oracular Seidr Maeve and Patricia Robin Woodruff: Beyond Baba Yaga
9:30 – 11:00 Robert Schreiwer: Muunraad (Moonwheel): The Pennsylvania Dutch Lunar Calendar and “Zodiac”


Crystal Blanton: Restorative Magic  

UTOS: Global Spirits Trance Possession Service



Angela Raincatcher: Devotional to the Mother Enthroned 



FRIDAY 3/16/18 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
8:30 – 9:30



Irene Glasse: Vinyasa Yoga    
10:00 – 11:30 Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor: Working with Plant Spirits Robin Fennelly: SELF Possession Angela Raincatcher: Ancestral Healing Ritual  


Crystal Blanton : Cultural Practice


11:30 – 1:30 LUNCH      
1:30 – 3:15




Rob Schreiwer: Oschedresage: Ritual with Introductory Discussion Katrina Messenger: Hansel and Gretel: The Price of Wisdom Amy Blackthorn: Aroma and the Ancestors Michael Gryffyn: The Mother of Silence

3:30 – 5:00





T. Thorn Coyle: The Power to Dare: Art and the Creative Risk Gwendolyn Reece: Sacrifice: A Philosophical and Spiritual Exploration of Sacrifice to the Gods A’alyvyne Weaverwood: Blessings of the Blood Firesong: Veves, Sigils and Designs for Spirits
5:00 – 7:00 DINNER      
7:00 – 8:45




BLOCK FOR CONJURE DANCE SETUP BLOCK FOR CONJURE DANCE SETUP Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor: Communing with the Ancestors Byron Ballard: Honey on the Stones
9:00 – midnight





CONJURE DANCE CONJURE DANCE Literata : Literata’s Broom Race (Game) Ritual Reading of an Hellenic Tragedy
SATURDAY 3/17/18 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
8:30 – 9:30



  Irene Glasse: Vinyasa Yoga    
10:00 – 11:30




Robert Schreiwer: Braucherei in the Urglaawe Context 201


Sara Mastros: Babylonian Demon Traps


Robin Fennelly: The Gates of Light  Maggie Beaumont: Dying in America
11:30 – 1:30 LUNCH     Death Doula Lunch
1:30 – 3:15




T. Thorn Coyle and Crystal Blanton: Black Lives Matter: Restorative Justice Laurel Mendes: The Three Norns and the Elephant in the Room Haeleron: Forging Protective Talismans  Helena Domenic: Tarot Clinic
3:30 – 5:00




Robert Schreiwer: Nine Sacred Herbs of the Braucherei Literata: Elegant Eclecticism Sandy English : Homecoming a Ritual of Renewal  Raven Edgewalker: The Peacock Angel
5:00 – 7:00 DINNER      
7:00 – 8:45





Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor: Rethinking the History of Witchcraft

Laurel Mendes: Construction and Castigation of the “Demon” Self
9:00 – midnight




SUNDAY 3/18/18 Maryland 4 Maryland 3 Garden Tack
8:00 – 8:45  


Shannon Humm: Kundalini Yoga    
9:00 – 10:30




T. Thorn Coyle: Sigil Magick: Creativity, Propserity, Vitality, and Love Haeleron: Forging Procedural Sigils Carm DiLullo: The Gifts of Triptolemus


Irene Glasse: Nuke it from Orbit
10:30 – 12:30 BRUNCH & CHECKOUT      
12:30 – 2:15




Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor: The Wheel of the Year Scott Mohnkern: Nidstag Raven Edgewalker: Magical Time Lisa Wagoner: Building Community among Solitary Practitioners
2:30 – 3:00 Closing Ritual      

Descriptions of the Classes:  For a PDF, click here


 Thorn Coyle

Between Space and Time: a Healing of Memories

Enter the Merkabah. Merge the Great Above with the Great Below…When we walk between ancestors and future, the fey realms and the Gods, when we travel the lemniscate shape between Space and Time, a portal opens. Here, we have all our tools at our disposal. Here, we have all the support we need. We can instigate healing and open imagination. Healing the self has the potential to heal the past and the future. If there is something in your past that needs attention, join us. Let us begin.

Black Lives Matter: Restorative Justice for Healing and Change – with Crystal Blanton

The sociopolitical climate of today has brought attention to the reality of systemic & institutionalized racism, police brutality, & mass incarceration in a way that can no longer be ignored. The weight of these systems have continued to bring disproportionate harm and suffering to Black people and communities of color. The Black Lives Matter movement is supported by many organizations, different faiths, & allies joining the fight to lift up voices of color, promote systemic change, & bring attention to bias & prejudice. Solar Cross Temple Board members Crystal Blanton & T. Thorn Coyle offer this Restorative Justice circle to engage all of the voices of our community that support the movement for equity, equality, & justice. Join us in this magical healing & community building endeavor to create energy for change.  

The Power to Dare: Art and Creative Risk

Writer’s block. Artist’s block, dancer’s block, composer’s block…These can usually be called by a more prosaic term: Fear. Together, let’s name our fears and reach past them toward desire. Desire and risk dance hand in hand, fueling the creative process. We have the ability to channel hopes, fears, and dreams into art that sends ripples out into the world. We have a chance to do this every moment. Invoking the power To Dare lends us the power to act in the face of insecurity and fear. What holds you back? Bring that. What do you desire? Bring that, too. We cannot control the outcome of our work, but we can engage fully in the process of creating. We can do this every day. Please bring pen and paper.

Sigil Magic: Creativity, Prosperity, Vitality, and Love

The power of magic flows through all acts of creation. The power of magic harnesses desire. First, we name our desire: to create passionately, to be vital and healthy, to have satisfying work, to manifest and share love. Once desire is named, we set intention. Once we set intention, we train ourselves toward the magic of action, the magic of engaging our will. We will learn how to craft our intentions into a magical sigil that will help power us toward further action and the manifestation of our desire. Crack open your heart, head, and soul. Strengthen your will. Bring your magic to life. Please bring pens, pencils, papers and curiosity.

Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor

Communing with the Ancestors

There is power passed through the Generations from those who came before us.  Join authors Raven & Stephanie Grimassi for a workshop exploring the nature of the ancestors and the realm in which they dwell.  The workshop focuses on our relationship with them and why the soul reincarnates in specific bloodlines.  Also explored is our threefold being in the Material World: elemental body, human mind, and soul being.  Attendees will be introduced to the concept known as the Spirit-Rider and a tool for working with it.

Rethinking the History of Witchcraft

It is popular today to dismiss the idea of witchcraft as an ancient religion. Many people believe that modern witchcraft is an invention with no direct roots to ancient beliefs and practices.  Join authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor for a talk on the literary evidence from ancient times through the Renaissance period that portrays the existence of Witchcraft themes that many modern scholars claim date no earlier than the 19th century.  These include the existence of a triformis goddess worshipped by witches, ritual circles, working with elemental spirits, and witches as priestesses.  Also included is the search for the “invisible” god of Witchcraft related to the absence of direct documentation over the centuries.

The Wheel of the Year: Exploring the Inner Teachings

Become one with the core energy that emanates from the seasonal times of the eight Sabbat festivals.  Find your place in the Wheel of the Year and unite with the operative forces. Join authors Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor for this exploration of the inner workings of the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year.  The focus is upon the spiritual aspects of the eight Sabbats as well as their role in the seasons that mark the Wheel of the Year.  Included is a Power Point presentation exploring the eight festival card images from the Hidden Path oracle deck.  Attendees receive a cord with instructions on how to use it as a magical alignment.

Working with Plant Spirits – The Cord of Greenwood Magic

The lore about witches has long included tales of secret knowledge related to the plants of witchcraft.  Join authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor for a workshop on Plant Spirits as you journey to the Cavern of Old Magic.  Learn what Plant Spirits are, how to connect with them, and how they aid in ritual and magical work.  Included in this workshop is the construction and use of ‘The Cord of Greenwood Magic’ – a shamanic tool for tapping into the Greenwood Realm and the Organic Memory of the Earth.   Each person will work with the art of knotting cords, a magical process for connecting to the Realm of Plant Spirits.    Attendees of the workshop will be given a cord to work with and take home.  Come and learn about the ways of witchcraft that are ever ancient and ever new!    

Robert Shreiwer

Braucherei in the Urglaawe Context 201

The traditional Pennsylvania Dutch healing and magical practices of Braucherei and Hexerei continue to play a significant role in the Deitsch culture even today. They are also significant sources of lore and mindset for the Urglaawe denomination of Heathenry. In this presentation we will delve deeper into some aspects of these practices and how they are used in daily life.

Muunraad (Moonwheel): The Pennsylvania Dutch Lunar Calendar and “Zodiac”

One of the more mystifying aspects to Braucherei lore is the Muunraad and its thirteen signs, which functions as a planting calendar and a form of zodiac. Whether the Muunraad is a holdover of old German lunar traditions or drawn in part from the Lenape is not known, but the body of knowledge around it continues to grow. In this presentation we will look at each of the moon signs, discuss aspects related to those born under each, and look at what activities people engage in during each.

Nine Sacred Herbs of Braucherei

The Lacnunga describes the nine herbs sacred to the Anglo-Saxons, but what is not as well known is that the Pennsylvania Dutch have their own sacred nine, Neine Heiliche Gegreider. In this presentation, we will study each of the nine herbs, their characteristics, their interplay, and their use in traditional Deitsch healing and magical systems.

Oschdresege (Ritual with Introductory Discussion)

The Deitsch myth related to the goddess Oschdra (Ostara) is the result of the Folklore Research Project and is a unique story as compared to remnants of Ostara lore in other regions of Europe. As the Spring Equinox approaches, the Urglaawe community prepares to honor the goddess Oschdra and Her two sisters, Helling and Nacht. This ritual will include the results of the Folklore Research Project and a reading of the myth. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to wear bright colors.


Byron Ballard

Honey on the Stones: Sovereignty, Sex and Myth

The counterbalance to living in a culture of death is to embrace the totality of life and enrich the life force through conscious and intentional action. This workshop will explore the Sacred Sexual as a healing modality for both ecosystem and human community. We will examine techniques for utilizing the life force as it courses through human bodies to enact change in the world around us—sexual activity (partnered or otherwise) as a means of raising energy. Discussion will include the hieros gamos and sovereignty in the modern world, the so-called Great Rite, and the terrible question of power. This is an intensely adult workshop covering several aspects of sexual activity (including technique) in the service of Earth healing and of magic. 

Old Wild Magics of the Motherland

This class explores ancient and lingering spells that I have discovered in my field work in Scotland, Cumbria, Yorkshire and Cornwall. My research in the origins of Appalachian folk magic have invited me to Britain again and again. I have read and listened; I have walked old tracks and smelt old smells that are iron and blood and long-standing water. Then I’ve come back to the southern highlands of Appalachia and have practiced these ways, tweaking them to see what works and doesn’t after all these years and in a world so different from the one that birthed them. It is an interactive workshop that I hope will serve as an interesting introduction to these gnarled survivors of a time long past.

Maggie Beaumont

Dying in America – Navigating the Rapids

These days, the dying process bears little resemblance to what we think we know from TV, movies, family stories and social media. At a time of emotional turmoil, people are being asked to make crucial decisions based on information in unfamiliar language. What do you need to know? How does the dying process work in American hospitals today? What are the biases in the system, and how can you navigate through them to make decisions that serve you and your family well? We’ll begin by briefly sharing some experiences with death, our hopes and some of our fears. We’ll talk about what an Advance Directive is and is not, and how to choose a Health-Care Proxy, and we’ll talk about how to make sure your wishes – or your loved one’s wishes – are actually followed. We’ll talk about questions you’ll need to ask, including a few that are surprising.
We’ll also talk about supporting one another through the emotions that arise, now or later, in confronting this challenging topic.

Amy Blackthorn

Aroma and the Ancestors: Ancestor Veneration in the Home

Join Aromatherapist and Author, Amy Blackthorn in a talk examining the history of aromatherapy & herbalism and how the two can be combined for use in the home. Working with the ancestors is not only a family practice, it can be a therapeutic one as well. We will discuss the nature of family, aromas in the home and magic. For those with a troubled family history, we will discuss therapeutic interventions that can help heal those traumas. How can aromatherapy connect you with loved ones that have crossed over? These questions and more will be answered.

Crystal Blanton

Cultural practice; Embodying the multidimensional Practice

Cultural nuances are often left out of many of the traditions that train today. Many times we are expected not to bring in the magic, folk stories, experiences or knowledge of our own people to the practices we are trained in. Marginalized people are very often left to make hard choices about what pieces of their stories or whole selves are left out of our ritual circles or practices. These important pieces of context are left out and stop us from integrating our whole magical self into our practices and magic. This workshop will focus on the importance of ancestral and familial cultures, cultural archetypes, and embodying multidimensional spiritual practice. We will explore the value of making room for variances under the umbrella of Pagan practice.

Restorative Magic

Working in community often means that we have work that needs to be done to repair, restore and renew the relationships that help us to thrive. Living within wider society means that we are always navigating in a deficit model of thinking that often filters to our own communities and our magic; making it hard to stay focused on engaging in deeper restorative practices.  We will explore what restorative concepts are, how we can use them in our interpersonal relationships, and the positive impact we can have in our communities and groups by utilizing these tools. Join us for discussion, sharing and exploring magical interventions aimed at repairing, reviving and restoring. Be prepared for a spending some time in an interactive community based circle activity.

Keiden Bren
Building A Relationship With Sacred Fire

Humans have a special relationship with fire but our Western culture has distanced us from our primal relationship with this element. Fire has historically been a place of gatherings and storytelling, and the origin stories of fire can be seen amongst the mythos of multiple cultures. Fire is integral to many magical workings: cleansing, purification, release, transformation, and transmutation. In this class we will discuss the physical mechanics and metaphysics of building and working with a sacred intentional fire.


Shadow-path of the Wicked Trickster

Come play with the wisdom of cunning foolishness! Bards were both feared and admired for their awesome power to change our perceptions of truth and reality through skillful use of ridicule, laughter and humor. The tricksters of myth and those of our time, such as Guthrie, Trudeau, and Colbert, show us paths to wisdom through foolish, cunning acts, wicked fun, and subversively radical truths. We call upon our trickster allies to pierce the veils of illusion through the mirrors and lenses of laughter and wit. This is serious work, which will not be taken seriously. Wield the wisdom of cunning foolishness, and confront our demons by laughing at them, and at ourselves.

Carm DiLullo

The Gifts of Triptolemus
Times are uncertain, people feel helpless, and environmentally, Mother Earth has recently sustained a few devastating blows. As children of an Earth-centered spirituality, what can we do to help heal humanity and our planet? Listen to the story of Triptolemus, a priest of Demeter, gifted with the knowledge of agriculture, and tasked to teach it to humanity. What can we learn from his story? How can we apply this to our lives? Once we have learned his story, we will gather in Sacred Circle. We will receive the Gifts of Triptolemus to take with us for our own use, and as tools to help heal.

Helena Domenic

Tarot Clinic

Do you have some pressing questions about Tarot that you may not have been able to find on your own? Are you interested in learning some new spreads and approaches to the Tarot? If so, then this class is for you! Participants are encouraged to come equipped with plenty of questions as well as their Tarot decks (make and model do not matter) and get ready to learn and share in this hands-on workshop!

Raven Edgewalker

The Peacock Angel: A Dance of Pride & Passion

In modern times as in ancient the Peacock Angel calls and entices us to step into a place of rightful pride. He offers us inspiration to step more fully into our glory, to bring passion, magic and beauty into our lives and into the world. Images of the Peacock are found throughout myth, history and religion. Many cultures and traditions, honour the glorious beauty of the peacock, experiencing him as a divine being. Within the ancient Yezidi faith the Peacock Angel is especially honoured as a divine being. We will explore a few of the stories of the peacock, and experience through a guided trance the pride, power and passion of the Peacock Angel.

Magical Time: An Experiential Workshop
In our hectic modern world we are constantly being exhorted to “save time”, to “use our more time wisely”. We are presented with messages from our over-cultures that tell us that time is a commodity and that we must fight against it. How would it be if we could instead experience Time as a magical, divine being, one that can be an ally? Build relationships with beings of time in ways that are mutually supportive? We will experientially explore ideas and tools so that we can begin to shift, change and deepen our relationship with this amazing ally.

Sandy English

Homecoming – A Ritual of Renewal

The world feels very precarious these days. It is easy to lose our center and become unable to act in the face of overwhelming concern for ourselves and our loved ones. In this ritual we will work with the oversoul of humanity and the forces of nature. We will call humanity (in particular, ourselves) home to the land, and celebrate what it means to be a child of the earth. This work is especially useful to remind us of who and what we are, and of our connections to the living land, so that we might be more powerful and effective in this world.

Robin Fennelly

SELF-Possession: Aligning the Parts of Self
When we enter sacred space or engage in a magickal working, we do not enter alone. We bring into that space the sum total of all the pieces of our experiences physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each of these experiences is processed through our consciousness and it’s varied states of being. In many spiritual traditions there are 3-5 levels or states of being that are embodied within the human being and are the holders of the Universal energy pattern. These parts act individually but are also interdependent upon one another to achieve a balance and bring the body into a place of Self-hood or wholeness. This class will explore the many forms these parts take, the work of our energetic anatomy and focus on the exploration and enlivening of these in alignment with the Spiritual Self.

The Gates of Light

This ritual calls upon the energies of the sacred elements to awaken and align the parts of SELF. We will approach each of the Gates of Light and quicken the subtle nature of our energetic anatomy. Sound will serve as the key to opening as we move through the energetic signature that contains our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness awaken the realization of all of our Divine parts working in collaboration and harmony.

Global Spirits Trance Possession Service for the Spirits of Wellness.

The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits of Wellness.  We will honor our Spirits with drumming, dance, song, and art. The service will begin a half an hour earlier with a sung litany prayer to set the space.  All are welcome to join in with this.  And then the drums start. The singing and dancing continues throughout, and we call our Spirits into ourselves to share our celebration. This is an open circle. This is a Pluralistic working.

Please bring:

Your Spirit of Wellness
A song for them, if you have one
A design for them, as we will all be drawing for our individual Spirits.
Altar objects for your Spirit of Sharing
Drums, if you drum
Donations are appreciated.

Veves, Sigils, and Designs for Spirits

This class will focus on visual sacred symbols as vehicles for honoring and calling aspects of Spirits.  We will discuss how different religions and magical practices employ elements within the designs to create the entire picture, and when and how they are appropriate for use.  Examples will be provided to understand this form of communication.  It also includes meditation and spiritual brainstorming for participants to tailor their designs for communication with their Spirits in ritual and spellwork.

Irene Glasse

Vinyasa Yoga Class

Build a strong, supportive practice as you stretch, strengthen and de-stress with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This class features an accessible pace of foundational yoga poses with focused guidance and alignment cues. Center your mind and body to allow for full presence at the conference.

Nuke It From Orbit: Entropy, Destruction and Rebirth of the Sacred Self

As our beloved Mother Earth lives, grows, decays and sleeps only to be born again in the spring, so too do people pass through different lives during the course of their incarnation here. We grow and change, and sometimes the lives that we built for ourselves no longer fit. Sometimes the lives we built for ourselves are suddenly taken away from us. Bring yourself back into right relationship with your true nature, values and aspirations with this workshop. Learn techniques for planning your next phase, preparing for major life sculpting, releasing the broken pieces that no longer serve (or are no longer available to you), and beginning your next Fool’s Journey. Through ritual reconsecration, reconnect with your Sacred Self and step into the next phase of your life empowered, confident and connected.

Michael Gryffyn

The Mother of Silence

The Mother of Silence is the holder of the flows of creation and over the elements. In various forms, She is associated with crossroads, entrances, dogs, light, the moon, magick, the Evening Star(Venus), witchcraft, knowledge of plants, necromancy and sorcery. She rules over the earth, sea and sky and also has a more universal role as savior, the Mother of the Angels and as the Cosmic World Soul. In this workshop we will explore these and other archetypes and discuss ways to interact and co-create with the Mother of Silence.


Forging Procedural Sigils

Gain an understanding of creating and drawing procedural sigils. Procedural sigils have multiple functions combined together into a single mark. When triggered, they activate along a pathway based on conditions such as cause of activation, or type of triggering energy. In this workshop, we’ll learn about the parts, triggers, and the forging of a procedural sigils, culminating in the development of a protective procedural sigil that can be used for an individual or home. Please bring a wand.

Forging Protective Talismans

This ritual invokes the creative fire of the God Hephaestus in all four directions. Using this energy, participants have the opportunity to create a protective talisman using a procedural sigil, for personal or home use. Talismans can be consecrated on the central altar. Each of the elemental directions will contain items needed to create the talisman and instructions are provided before the ritual starts. Ritual attire is wonderful.

Gale Hamby

It’s In The Cards: the Tarot Has Your Number

The traditional Tarot is stuffed full of numbers, from the connection of the Major Arcana to the Tree of Life to the individual pips of the Minor Arcana. Numerology can deepen your awareness and understanding of the patterns in any reading. We will concentrate on the Aces through the 10’s. Does it matter if all the 4’s make an appearance? How about the Aces and the Fool? Come explore other layers of connections to deepen your own interpretations.

Shannon Humm

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a potent practice that gives the practitioner the ability to awaken their inherent energy through their own work at the body, mind, and Spirit levels. This is done through breath work, physical postures, deep meditation and mantra. Kundalini Yoga is a practice of self awareness that can bring balance and grounding into one’s life while simultaneously unlocking one’s energy and deepening their connection to their highest self and potential. Classes include an introductory talk followed by a yoga kriya that includes mantra, postures, and meditation. All classes are open to people of all experience and ability levels. Please bring a mat, blanket, or towel to sit on for class.


Elegant Eclecticism: The role of aesthetic in religion

Elegance is a concept often referenced and seldom defined, yet it plays a significant role in how philosophers of science and mathematics understand their fields. The role of an aesthetic – what is elegant, what is beautiful, and what do those imply – is seldom discussed in religion, but it is one of the most important factors that shape the ways we choose to practice. Come delve into these questions together and explore your own aesthetic.

Literata’s Broom Race

Bring your Wisdom, Intuition, Charm, Hex, and Talent to play Literata’s Broom Race. Cooperate and compete in three rounds of magical challenges. What can you do with limited materials? Can your team cast a spell to enchant the judges? Learning and laughter go hand in hand, so start your brooms and may the best Witchcraft win!

Rev. Caryn MacLuan

Returning Warriors…Bringing them Home

Ever since humans dreamed up the idea of war, and probably long before there was even a name for the concept, communities have dealt with returning warriors. Sometimes they had seen and experienced horrific things and were now expected to be the people they were before except that it doesn’t always work that way. This workshop will present some initial research into how some of the different Indo-European cultures talked about their warriors, with a discussion how we might use that information to create our own ritual or rite of passage types of experiences, and ending with some round table thoughts on what kinds of things we could be doing either at festivals or in our communities.

Maeve and Patricia Robin Woodruff

Beyond Baba Yaga: Slavic Mythology

What does the cuckoo clock have to do with the Slavic goddess of water? Why are roosters traditionally on weathervanes? What do Slavic Pagan beliefs have to do with the Philadelphia Mummers Parade?  These are just some of the fascinating things we’ll be covering in this introduction to Slavic Mythology.  Online you will find the same sparse information about the Slavic Pantheon copied over and over again. When you realize that information on the Slavic Deities was gathered in the aptly named Dark Ages by men who were actively working to eradicate the religion and demonize the “Old Gods,” then chronicled and interpreted by mainly Christian Victorian males, you can see this information needs to be looked at anew. Find out about new discoveries as these old beliefs are reexamined and get to the balanced roots of the Slavic religion and its magic.

Sara Mastros

Babylonian Demon Traps: Make Your Own

A unique form of protective magic from late antiquity, demon-trapping bowls have been found at several Jewish sites in Iraq and Iran, dating to the 6th-8th centuries CE, but are unknown outside the region. These bowls were usually placed in the corners of rooms were they could “trap” demons who might sneak in through cracks. While traditionally made of clay, we’ll be making ours from small wooden bowls

NB: $10 materials fee

Laurel Mendes

The Construction and Castigation of the “Demon” Self

We all wrestle with our less than beneficial habits. We deal with our quirks, memories, doubts, and fears. Sadly, in the modern spiritual communities, the attribution of these to a near- Abrahamic devil character called the Demon self. What is it? Is it “evil?” Malicious? Self created? A perspective will be offered, then a moderated conversation will follow.

The Three Norns and The Elephant in the Room– Time and Prophecy in the Northern Tradition

Time is often the Elephant in the room, left ignored and unaddressed by beginners in divinatory and magical workings. Our ancient kin of faith perceived time differently than the dominant paradigm of modern society encourages most of us to perceive it. Using the myth and model of the Three Norns, how can we encounter time differently and use that altered perspective in our teaching and practice of divination, and magic.

Katrina Messenger

Price of Wisdom: Hansel & Gretel

Fairytales, folklore and myth can provide valuable lessons during this time of strife, fear, and aggressions.  We will examine the deep lessons hidden within a tale about two children lost in the forest.  You might want to reread this old favorite before attending this workshop.

Mid-Atlantic Spae Team

Oracular Seidr

Speak now, seeress, ’till said thou hast. Answer the asker ’till all he knows. . .” says the leader.
This form of divinatory practice involves the participants taking a guided journey to the entrance to Hel, then one person (the Seidr Kona or Madr) crosses into Hel for purposes of allowing the participants to ask questions of our ancestors, our gods and goddesses, and other beings.

Scott Mohnkern

Nidstag – historical northern European cursing magic
“Here I place this “Nidstang” (“curse-pole”), and turneth it against King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild – turneth I this against all the gnomes and little people of the land, that they may all be lost, not finding their homes, until they drive King Eirik and Queen Gunnhild out of the country.” In the Viking age the most spectacular way of cursing an enemy was by the Niding Pole (the Nithstong or Scorn-Post). They were poles about nine feet (2.75 meters) long upon which insults and curses were carved in runes. Ceremonies were performed to activate the destructive magic of the pole. In this workshop we will discuss not just the historical and technical aspects of this form of magic, but will also have an open and frank discussion regarding the ethics and morality of these practices, including long term implications.

Angela Raincatcher

Ancestral Healing Ritual

Ancestral secrets, shadows, and trauma are wounds that fester over generations and affect our lives in the present. In this eclectic, shamanistic ritual, we will journey to relieve and heal some of the pains of the past and bring peace and understanding to our present with the guidance of our Blessed Ancestors and Spirit Allies/Divinities. Feel free to bring a sacred object for the altar to help call in the ancestors.

Devotional to the Mother Enthroned

Who is this goddess and why does she matter to the world today? In this workshop, we will explore her origins, her iconography, and her meanings in different times and cultures. In the ritual, we will give prayers and offerings of hope and gratitude to this powerful and loving goddess. Bring votive offering of meaning to you to give to the goddess during the ritual.

Gwendolyn Reece

Ritual Reading of a Hellenic Tragedy: Hail Dionysos!
Ancient Hellenic theater was once performed in honor of the Great One of altered states of consciousness. Together in ritual space we will read aloud one of the great tragedies from ancient Greece. Gwendolyn will give some brief background information on the play and then we will pass the script among us, rotating lines. The lines that come to you often have personal meaning and the act of reading these works in ritual space has other effects as well.

Sacrifice: A Spiritual and Philosophical Exploration concerning Sacrifices to the Gods

Sacrifice to the Gods is at the core of ancient Hellenic religion. This workshop considers the meaning of sacrifice, the forms and specific practices from within Hellenic religion. We will also consider how a regular practice of sacrifices can be developed within a contemporary context.

Lisa Wagoner

Building Community among Solitary Practitioners

With these frenetic times, building community among solitary practitioners or even various groups can be challenging. This workshop will explore ways to build community among various groups within your area, so that practitioners can feel connected, yet comfortable within their own chosen space.

A’alyvyne Weaverwood

Blessings of the Blood, Ancestors and Redemption for the 21st Century

We exist not just in our individualized lifetime, but within the context and mandate(s) of a stream of ancestral presence that shapes our lives. This workshop and ritual will employ techniques developed to strengthen healthy ties with our Ancestors to inform our understanding and choice on how these ancestral mandates may guide our Work. As we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, we will make contact with an ancestor who will come forward through the River of Blood to help us become good ancestors to those who will come after us. Participants are encouraged to bring a small item (ancestral or contemporary) for a central Ancestor altar, to be blessed and returned for future work.