A Joint Conference

Statement From The Board of The Sacred Space Foundation

On April 6 – 9, 2023, we will bring together Sacred Space and the Between The Worlds conferences into a joint event. In 2015, the two organizations presented a successful collaborative conference, and we look forward to doing so again. As Contemporary Paganism matures, we hope to provide a model for ways in which organizations can look for synergies and undertake cooperative initiatives.

The programs for both Sacred Space and Between The Worlds are geared toward serious and more advanced practitioners and are both based in the Mid-Atlantic. As an annual conference, Sacred Space fosters a strong sense of community among those who regularly attend. The missions of Sacred Space include building part of the infrastructure to support the continuing growth of intermediate and advanced practitioners, providing opportunities for regional talent to develop as teachers, and providing a venue for groups of people across traditions with similar interests and expertise to know and work with each other. Financially, the only goal of the Sacred Space Conference is to ensure that the conference is on sound financial footing so that its future can be ensured.

The Between The Worlds Conference serves a similar audience but is offered at particular intervals aligned with specific astrological events. It always includes a main ritual that is designed to address an important magical need, and the plenary sessions also discuss significant and timely topics. Financially, the Between The Worlds Conference is a fundraiser for the New Alexandrian Library—an important component of Pagan infrastructure.

COVID-19 Policy

To ensure that our attendees have the best possible experience at all levels, the following are the COVID-19 safety precautions set in place by the joint organizations of the board of the Sacred Space Foundation and the Between the Worlds Conference.

We encourage attendees to be vaccinated and boosted to the level that they are medically able. You will have the option of applying a sticker (Red-Yellow-Green) on your name badge indicating the level of personal contact you are comfortable with.  If you wish to wear a mask, for whatever reason, please feel free to do so. If others are wearing masks around you, please be mindful that they may also need more social distancing, especially if you are unmasked. We will have extra masks at the registration table.

Please be assured that we will continue to monitor and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and appreciate your understanding that we may find it necessary to make changes to these policies in accord with those recommendations outlined at the time of the conference. 

Thank you all for respecting the boundaries and concerns of fellow attendees and contributing to a safe and healthy environment for our sacred community and their families.

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