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The Sacred Space Conference is the premier annual esoteric conference on the East Coast for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Each year our featured teachers and a host of highly qualified regional teachers offer a wide variety of workshops and rituals developed for a more advanced audience. 

The 2025 Sacred Space Conference is slated for Thursday, March 27th, through Sunday, March 30th, at the Sheraton Baltimore North hotel in Towson, MD. Workshop and Ritual Proposals are being accepted now through September 1st, 2024. Click here to learn more about submitting programming proposals.

Sacred Space 2025 Featured Teachers

Mat Auryn
T. Thorn Coyle

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2024 Sacred Space Classes/Rituals by Presenter
(Rituals are in ITALICS)


Advanced Sigil Witchery

Ready to refine your sigil-making practice? If you’ve taken “Sigil Witchery” from LTZ before or have read their book, then you’re ready to take this workshop. We will delve deeper into key design elements, incorporating ritual processes, and collectively creating sigils for groups & shared magic applications.

Tarot by Number: Meaning, Movement, & Magic

Discover the power and energy present in numbers and the profound magic of math to help guide you through both the Major and Minor Arcana in a way that is both fun and memorable – even if you think you are not good at math! With over 25 years of practice rooted in merging movement, magic, and art, Tempest’s unique approach to the Tarot helps to open up its mysteries in new ways for any level of practitioner and can be applied to multiple kinds of cartomancy.

Activating the Witch’s Body

In this body-focused workshop, we will be exploring the 5 symbolic systems of Witch’s Anatomy (Lungs, Heart, Serpent, Bones, Weaver) through movement so that you can animate your magical practice in new and simple but effective ways – for ritual, spellcraft, divination and beyond. While this is a movement-oriented class, it is not a “dance” heavy experience and is accessible to all genders, ages, body types, and abilities.

The Business of Witchcraft

One of the key lessons to learn from Witchcraft is that there’s always an exchange of energy involved. Time and effort spent is a kind of currency, whether you’re meditating, performing rituals, making offerings, crafting spells, gathering wisdom, or tending to people, places, and things. In this workshop we’ll explore what happens when money enters into the magical equation including: vocational framing, energy exchange, personal values, presentation, finances, goals, client needs, health, boundaries and more.

(additional ritual with Jason Mankey)


Magic in America 1820-1952

Despite what you’ve been told, America has long been a hotbed for magic and the occult. While the Golden Dawn was stealing headlines in the 19th Century, we Yanks were busy invtenting Spiritualism and refining sex magick. Join us as we peek inside some of America’s earliest (and most influential) spell books, and pay a visit to the Witches in the Ozark. From Johnny Appleseed to early forms of Modern Witchcraft it’s a whirlwind tour of America’s occult lecacy; a legacy that’s still helping to shape Modern Paganism today.

The Dion Fortune Ritual (with Laura Tempest Zakroff)

Dion Fortune was not a Witch, and she probably would never have self-identified as Pagan but in books such as The Sea Priestess and The Goat Foot God she described rituals most of us would feel right at home in. For the last eighty years Fortune’s works have been extremely influential in many Witch circles. Join us as we ritualize in the style of Fortune and honor Pan and Isis!

The Gifts of the Witch-Father

In Traditional Witchcraft the Horned One is often called the Witch-Father. The Witch-Father is the primordial spirit of nature and watches over the Witches who honor him. Together we will tread the Witch’s Mill, meet the Witch-Father and receive his gifts. Our rite together will be a journey, a revelation, and a celebration of the Horned One’s power and grace.

The Horned God 3.0

From Pan to Cernunnos to Herne the Hunter, it’s a history of the Horned God and the many horny, horned, and antlered deities associated with him (and in some cases her and them). Discover the origins of the Horned God in pre-history and how they’ve been reimagined and rediscovered over the centuries. Mankey has been writing about, speaking on, experiencing, and researching the Horned God for over twenty years, and his work is continuously being updated, hence “3.0,” the latest version of his Horn Head ruminations.


Enhancing a Focused Receptive State of Consciousness

In order to increase clarity, spirit communication and personal gnosis we need to develop and amplify a focused receptive state of consciousness. This class provides a unique and potent approach to achieve this intention. Our work includes techniques and strategies that will enliven the powerful archetypes within that are in the collective unconscious of all humans. Looking to the Winged Lion and the Winged Serpent as direct apprehensions of potency you will learn to animate and access these patterns. The Winged Lion is the exalted solar principle. The Serpent is a multivariant symbol that symbolizes opposites and as the Winged Serpent we can use the duality to create a third transcendent function to rise on the planes. Come prepared for information, new possibilities as well as experience.

Sirius: The Lore, the Mystery and the Magick

The lore of the Sirian binary system is ancient, extensive and dispersed. Sacred structures and artifacts of ancient civilizations have revealed that Sirius was of great importance in astronomy, mythology and occultism. Within these diverse cultures there is an astounding consistency of symbolism and meaning. Associating Sirius with the divine and considering it to be the home of great teachers is a widespread belief from the past and has intensified to this day. Mystery schools consider it to be the “sun behind the sun” and, therefore, the true source of our sun’s potency. A great number of secret societies teach of the mystical connection between Sirius and humanity as well as the implications for those on the initiatory path. Our class will include history, theory and current magickal possibilities and considerations.

Ritual of Healing and Revitalization with the Fifth Elementals aka The Nagas

This ritual amplifies the primary source element in all things. The fifth element permeants and animates all creation, for it has within itself all the other four elements. We will draw on prana/life force and the quintessence. The four elements are the building blocks of matter, and the quintessence provides the connections to articulate manifest reality. While the fifth element can take many shapes, my early mystical experiences of what I can to understand as the fifth element was serpentine in form. Using ecstatic ritual, we will call upon the fifth elements to enliven our healing and support revitalization of bodies, minds and spirits. Drums and for those who choose movement are used to advance this magickal work. Ritual garb is optional.


Practical Ancestor Work

Do you dream you fly? Do you wake tired in the morning from a full night of active dreamwork? We’ll work with the wild geese—the Gabble-ratchet—as we learn to travel the dreamscape and step out of ordinary time and into the realm of the ancient calendar, into the realm of the Ancestors. From Ancestor altars to grave decoration, this class explores the possibility of modern, heart-centered Ancestor veneration.

The Season of Endarkenment—Deepening the Harvest Cycle

We expend much energy on the idea of enlightenment. But there is healing, wisdom and delight in the realm of Night: Endarkenment. It is a place to recharge your creativity and find your innermost self. There is a guided meditation, poetry and journeys to uncomfortable places in this workshop as we explore grief, knowing and transformation. Sometimes our work or curiosity leads us to places we probably wouldn’t go if we thought about it but not all things in the dark are to be feared nor all things in the light trusted.

Grief Like A River

Three plus years of pandemic and political upheaval have left many of us with an internal knot of fear, loss and unresolved grief. This workshop on the processes of grief and the predictable stages that most people go through includes suggested of rites of passage, of ordeal work, and other suggestions for giving clarity and meaning to these hard things.


Furies of the Divine: Pagan Protection work as divine service

While protection magic is discussed in terms of egg shields and wards, the greater community is in need of spiritual guardianship. How can we take the foundations of protection magic and apply it to open circles, established covens, and local communities for the safety of all practitioners. Go beyond circle, coven and grove to discuss ways in which we can connect outside our circles to form a stronger community together through guardianship.

Travel the Realms: Plant Allies for Astral Travel

Aromatherapy, witchcraft, hedge craft and trance magic are full of plants that can aid us in our spirit work, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ botanical ally. Learn to discern whether aromatic, topical or spiritual work with a specific plant is right for you, and what benefit these plants hold for our futures as empowered practitioners.

Egregore & the Internet: To ‘Keep Silent’ or Grow your Spells

With the advent of social media, dedicated practitioners must weigh the pros & cons of discussing magical workings and protecting the integrity of the work. Together we will discuss deeper meanings of the Witches’ Pyramid and how the platforms change the way we view magical workings, as well as whether having eyes on is a benefit or a hindrance to deeper magical workings.


Thoughts On Dark, Primal, and Unpredictable Deities and Spirits

Many of the spiritual entities you are likely to meet are not human, but since we are human, our understanding of them begins with our understanding of humanity. Their true nature is vaster and stranger than we can imagine. With some effort, you can move beyond anthropomorphic starting points and extrapolate more of their nature. When the beings in question are categorized as dark or are connected to death, violence, the raw forces of nature, and so on, it is particularly important to move beyond preconceptions and societal conditioning. In this workshop we will explore the when, why, if, and how of engaging with these beings.

Ritual Leadership Skills

One of the greatest gifts you can give your community is an inspiring ritual. Although it is easier if it is a well conceived and organized ritual, what makes or breaks the experience is how it is led and facilitated. Effective ritual leadership arises from a blend of the practical, the esoteric, and the artistic. Though some will tell you that this is mostly a matter of inborn talent, this class aims to show that you can learn techniques and perspectives that grow your capacity for ritual leadership. After this class you will walk away with more ways to spark your ritual presence, grace, and effectiveness.

Capturing Lightning In A Bottle

This class explores the whys and wherefores of practices that imbue physical objects with spiritual powers. This is one of the most prevalent yet little discussed part of esoteric work. Whether this be charging a crystal, consecrating a magickal tool, preparing oils, or storing a spell in a knotted cord, there are underlying principles that connect the practices. The nature of different materials and the difference between inherent and imparted attributes will be explained as well. The use, storage, and ethical disposal of materials that contain magick will be presented.

An Overview of the Magickal Persona

There are many traditions and teachings that include the creation of a magickal persona as a part of the training of a practitioner. This is sometimes referred to as the magickal personality, the magick self, and other similar terms. There is a great deal of variation in how the magickal persona is used and described in different systems so do not assume that practitioners mean the same thing even if the same words are used. The rationales for the methods applied to the construction of the magickal persona tend to be divergent as well. When used well it enhances your power, your presence, and offers protection. This class will cover different approaches, benefits, and risks associated with the use of a magickal persona.


Faces of Freyja

Some say the Norse goddess Freyja is the goddess of love and beauty, or a goddess of Nature, or of war, or of magic, but those are only the beginning. Her name means “the Lady”, and her many by-names point to a variety of roles. As we follow her through the wheel of the year we discover the range and meaning of her power.

The American Civil Religion

In the 18th century the French philosopher Rousseau proposed that nations should have a “civil religion” that could be practiced by all citizens, whatever their faith. When reporters called the Capitol building “this sacred ground” during the Insurrection, it was an instinctive recognition that this “religion” exists, complete with sacred sites, holy texts, goddess-figures, ancestors and holidays. As Pagans, not only can we recognize these elements, we know how to use them, reclaiming them from those who would corrupt them and re-energizing the symbols that express our highest ideals.

Healing with the Runes

The runes are much more than a tool for divination—they are a powerful tool for use in healing. In this session, we will discuss which runes might be used for which conditions and explore several ways to deliver them.


Braving the Otherworld: Mythic Wisdom for Times of Liminality

In Celtic British tradition, the Otherworld lay very close to our own, accessible at times and in places of liminality. Not only are our lives as individuals naturally filled with threshold experiences, we are collectively living through a time of enormous transition. What can we learn from Celtic lore that will assist us in navigating this turbulent time and empower us to cross over life’s thresholds from a place of Sovereignty?

The Nine Maidens of Annwn: Reclaiming the Cauldron of the Otherworld

In a quest to obtain the pearl-rimmed cauldron of the Chief of Annwn, King Arthur and his men journeyed across the sea to brave the seven fortresses of the Otherworld. The vessel they sought was in the keeping of Nine Maidens who kindled it with their breath; from its depths, words of poetry and prophecy were uttered. Likewise, we will undertake a journey — over waves of lore and literature, through swells of myth and history — to seek out the purpose of this Otherworldly Vessel and the nature of the Nine who serve as its Guardians. Along the way, we will explore the creative essence of the Awen, touch upon the mysteries of Sovereignty, and reveal a deep current that flows within the Avalonian Stream of Tradition.

Duality and Divinity: The Waters of Life and Death

Whether sacred springs or holy wells, gentle streams or mighty rivers, mist-veiled lakes or majestic oceans, water features prominently in the lore of Celtic lands. Often serving as bridges between this world and the Otherworld, bodies of water were also honored as sustainers of life and respected as bringers of death. This dual nature is reflected in the character and function of the tutelary Goddesses personifying these waters, as well as the nature of their relationships with those who worshipped them. Drawing from archaeology, mythology and folklore, we will explore various beliefs and ritual practices from Celtic traditions centering on bodies of water, and consider the ways these ancient practices can inform our own.


Hecate, Tarot, and Boundaries

Many come to Hecate are from differing paths. Revered as goddess of the crossroads and Queen of Magic, Hecate provides a powerful conduit for reviewing boundaries in all areas of our lives. Using tarot, numerology, the elements, and meditation in ritual form, we connect with Hecate and her assistance in examining where boundaries are weak, overly strong, and where life can be improved. Together, we will experience Hecate’s guidance through the addition of two divinatory practices of tarot and guided meditation. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to expand their understanding or devotion to Hecate in ritual space. There is time to share successes and connections at the end.

Exploring the Juxtaposition of the Arranged Marriage of Death Midwifery and Prison Ministry/Chaplaincy in 2024

Originally a panel discussion given at Paganicon 7 entitled “Pagan Clergy Addressing How to Welcome Sex-Offenders and Ex-Felons into Our Communities: A Forum, in 2017, community reception was swift and negative. For some, murderers were welcome; for all, sex-offenders were not welcome. Although I began prison ministry in 2014, adding death midwifery in 2017 increased my ability to care for those currently incarcerated. This class/workshop/discussion covers three areas: a) where death midwifery and prison ministry cross paths; b) where skills acquired and used in one path can works with the other; and c) where and how current and future clergy may use these skills to facilitate both sets of transition from incarceration to freedom and from life to death.

Dionysian Meditative Ritual

With the help of Lord Dionysus, we journey through the cavity of elimination, illumination and purification. We recognize the infections and infestations in our lives as we use the transformative power of purification through elimination. Through this meditative ritual, we throw off the dregs and illnesses that linger from a prolonged winter.


Create Your Own Rite of Passage Ritual

The dominant overculture celebrates a few notable rites of passage, most of them related to milestones of age, academics, relationships, and careers. These rites of passage are largely celebratory in nature, but ritualizing rites of passage in the context of our magickal practice can serve even deeper functions. They can move us forward, with courage and confidence, into something new; help us leave behind that which no longer serves our greatest good; affirm our identities; and deepen our spiritual connections with ourselves and the most important people in our lives. In this interactive workshop, we will explore different types of rites of passage, the building blocks of a rite of passage ritual, ways to make your ritual unique and deeply meaningful within your own personal magickal context, and tips and tricks for collaborating with groups. Through guided meditation followed by journaling prompts, each participant will leave the workshop with everything they need to create an initial draft of a rite of passage ritual. Please bring paper and a writing utensil (or a laptop or tablet) for journaling.

Queering Your Magickal Practice: Breaking Out of the Binary

For LGBTQIAP2S+ people, certain “traditional” aspects of various magickal practices may feel somewhat alienating. When spiritual groups and texts lean on myth cycles and ritual aspects focused on fertility and virility and use heteronormative symbolism, it becomes difficult for us to see ourselves in the magick. In this highly interactive and discussion-based workshop, explore how myth cycles, ritual structures, and traditional magickal practices can be adapted and viewed through a queer lens to be more all-inclusive and empower everyone, particularly people who are too often marginalized in our society.


Egyptian High Alchemy and Star Magick

The Ancient Egyptians lived a life that was intimately connected to the greater cosmos. The galaxy, Sun and star systems were woven into the mythos of creation and their Heka (magick). The rising of the Nile and beginning of the agricultural year aligned with the stargates of Sirius; and the procession of the Equinoxes was often mapped to Orion’s belt. We will discuss some of the applications of this cosmic perspective and the system of internal High Alchemy that was used by the ancients to connect them with the gifts of celestial. Topics will include: the Egyptian parts of self/soul; the function of the Ureaus; the opening of connection to the cosmos and how to apply this star magick today.

Ritual: The Temple of Stars: A Ritual of Egyptian High Alchemy

As magickal/spiritual practitioners, we are being called into awareness of our place as celestial Beings and a Greater Work that extends far beyond that of the Earthly realms. This ritual will take us on a journey into the Cosmos as we activate within ourselves the sentience of planet and star. We will claim the mantle of Solar brilliance and light and walk the starry road of Nuit’s creation. The gifts of planetary gnosis and shadow of the Moon’s gates will inform our future magicks and personal growth in our mundane and spiritual practices. What to bring: An amulet to empower; ritual robes (if available) and water to hydrate. Please eat lightly before ritual.


Deities, Discernment, and Managing Messages

It’s wonderful to see the spread of seership, mysticism, oracular work, and dedicant practices within the Pagan world. It’s also worth remembering that the tech – the protective structures and practices – around mystical work in the old world was largely destroyed. Once upon a time, cultures whose religious structures included seers had an entire system for keeping everyone reasonably safe. Explore tools and techniques for channeling accurate messages, hearing gods and spirits clearly, and protecting yourself from inner and outer interference.

Building a Sustainable Daily Spiritual Practice

Balancing the needs of our schedules against our desire for greater spiritual connection can be challenging. Sometimes even finding 5 minutes to ourselves seems impossible. How do we find a way to incorporate a spiritual practice without tipping the boat? If we do find a few minutes here and there, how do we make the most of it? How do we progress our practice in a limited time frame? Join me for a workshop on the benefits of and techniques for building a daily spiritual practice resilient to modern challenges.

(additional workshop with Jim Welch)


The Roaring 2020s: An Astrological View of the Rest of the Decade

The decade began with a pandemic and a lockdown, and it keeps setting records – environmentally, culturally, and politically. We’ll explore the astrology of the rest of the decade, particularly the pivotal year of 2026. One respected astrologer said “This entry into the second quarter of the century bears the stamp of the achievement of a new age of humanity.” Others are less optimistic. Astrology does not cast events in stone. It offers a vision, pointing out opportunities and paths of growth. It also warns of obstacles, and helps us avoid them. We’ll explore the themes of these years, look at a number of ways they might play out, and consider how we can make the best of the astrological weather.

You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?

We are told that science has “disproven” astrology, but that is not the case. We’ll look at why the experiments that have been conducted mostly have serious problems when investigated closely, as well as the valid astronomy of astrology, why there is not, and never will be, a 13th sign, and how to respond to skeptics. We’ll also consider world views that break through the walls of strict materialism into a world where astrology can be approached in a different context.


Time, Eternity & the Endless Now (Body Wisdom II)

I began this journey, the first time it was suggested to me that Time as we have come to use it in physics and mathematics does not exist in nature. Shock led to curiosity. Did I ever know what time is/was? Flipping through my old textbooks I confirmed that collectively we do not really understand what time is! So I delved deeper into physics, metaphysics, mythology, psychology, and archetypes. I learned a great deal about time. It all comes back to our bodies and the deep wisdom held within.

Building Community & Culture: Respect Protocol

In Body Wisdom, I shared that the collective equivalents for mind and body were culture and community. In this class, I will share an example of a seed for creating generative patterns with these areas. We use this protocol with the Order of the Elemental Mysteries and within the Reflections Mystery School.


Make a Solomonic Pentacle: Lunar Lock & Key

In S. L. Mathers’s seminal 1887 edition of the Key of Solomon, he presented 44 planetary pentacles, Hebrew magical seals. In this class, we’ll discuss the history and context of the pentacles, before moving into a detailed discussion of Mathers’s 1st lunar pentacle, the Lock & Key. After this, we’ll make our own pentacles, and learn a complete ritual for awakening them at home (under a full moon). $5 Materials fee.

Ereshkigal in the Greek Magical Papyri

The Mesopotamian Queen of Hell, Ereshkigal, figures prominently in Greek magic from Late Antiquity, although very few other Mesopotamian gods do. In this class, we’ll talk about Ereshkigal as she was in Sumer and Babylon, and how, over the intervening 2000 years, she made her way into Greek and Egyptian spellbooks. Following the lecture, we’ll learn PGM LXX 4-25, “Four Charms of Hekate-Ereshkigal Against Fear”. The first two are incantations for protection when traveling the underworld. The third is to enter the underworld or incubate a dream, and to avoid death. The final incantation can be used both as a curse, to cause sleeplessness and worry, or to ward off such a curse.


Creating a Vessel of Magick and Beauty

Imagine a community coming together to create a vessel to hold and express in visual form the love, welcome, and connections that we feel when we gather each year for Sacred Space. Together let us design a large-scale mandala that will be colored in vibrant colors through the many hands of conference attendees through the weekend. On Sunday, we will complete the work by consolidating the energy into the physical mandala and then releasing it into an astral form that each of us can carry in our hearts as seeds to enchant our home communities throughout the year.


Ancient Hellenic Methods of Purification and Healing

Ancient Greek modes of healing understood radical interdependence, knowing that individuals are not separate from their societies. Health is when the way “things are” align with “the way things should be.” Health is always temporary. When things get out of alignment, purification, or spiritual cleansing, is a critical step in the healing process. This workshop teaches the general model of ancient Greek healing—for individuals and societies—and provides adaptations of powerful cleansing practices rooted in the lore. This includes ways to work on healing public spaces and aspects of our societies. In addition to practical and theoretical information, participants will be taken on a pathworking to encounter Apollon and Asklepios, the two main healing Theoi from the Hellenic pantheon.

Iamblichus and the Practice of Theurgy

Iamblichus was an ancient Neoplatonic philosopher and magician who is one of the main early proponents of Theurgy, a form of alchemy known as the “divine magic” as opposed to thaumaturgy, which was practical magic. This workshop explores the philosophy and practices of Iamblichus in relation to theurgy with an emphasis on practical application.


Deep Ancestor Meditation

For many of us, our relationships with our immediate genetic ancestors are conflicted, difficult, or broken. These wounds can have profound effects on our ability to feel connected to others and to the world. In this meditation, we will seek healing and wholeness by journeying into the deep past, before the onset of trauma, abuse, neglect, and alienation. Please bring a blanket, towel, or mat to lie on. Note: no one will be admitted to the space once the ritual begins

Poetry, Spells, and Prayer in Norse Paganism

Ritual speech, especially poetic speech, was charged with power in ancient Norse culture. Following an introduction to the forms and cultural/religious significance of Old Norse poetry, we discuss how ancient models can be adapted to empower modern ritual. We will then create poetry together for a sacred purpose chosen by the group. Though the examples discussed will be drawn from Norse literature, the principles can be applied by practitioners of any tradition, especially those rooted in past cultures with their own poetic legacies.


Personal Protection: Defense Against the Dark Arts!

The practice of magick can be considered a spiritual martial art. So, one begins by learning to detect a genuine psychic attack and some basic defense techniques. In this class, we review how to detect a psychic battlefield, psychic vs. psychological maladies, some Dos and Don’ts when engaged in spiritual-magickal battles, and some preventive common everyday practices; we’ll also review some of the effects destructive magick has on the aggressor. This is a “must-take class” for anyone pursuing spellcraft and serious magickal workings. Some may think this class is a little more advanced, but I feel it can give the novice the needed information to prevent the common “magickal mistakes” when engaging magickal or spiritual energies.


The Neglected Paths

As Hermetic Qabalah becomes more known and used within contemporary Paganism the most common parts of the Tree Of Life are becoming well known; the Spheres, the Paths, the Lightning Flash. Yet there are other structures and relationships within the Tree that can provide both useful insight into the nature of the World and magickal underpinnings for deeper and broader work. We will explore those structures and expand upon our conception of the Tree Of Life.

Pagan Ethics

In recent years there have been a broad questions about what are and are not ethical magical and religious practices. In this class we will take a two pronged approach, looking at the academic question of contemporary paganism as a world religion and its ethical context and exploring the practical ways in which our internal ethical code can be clarified and then applied in our individual and communal lives.


As the Earth Mother bursts into bloom beneath the ascending light, it is time to remember that we are already worthy, deserving, and valuable *exactly as we are*. Under the guidance of Goddess Brigid and within a sacred and compassionate circle, join us for a potent, transformational rite of self-love and self-commitment. Together, we will cast away that which no longer serves and then name and claim ourselves as unique, precious expressions of That Which is Holy. Here we will make pledges to our own Selves, towards fully actualizing the Truth of our Beings and our own missions in this lifetime. Here we will witness and celebrate one another for who we are, exactly as—and where—we are now.


It’s all in the Question

There is an art to asking the correction question. One of the challenges of reading for someone is crafting the question correctly to get the correct response. In this class we will explore techniques on how to help your client (and yourself) to craft a question to achieve the best outcome. Bring a deck based on the Rider-Waite-Smith imagery if you have it.

Mapping the Tarot Landscape: It’s all in the background

When learning the tarot the symbolism the images foreground have the spotlight. But what about the backgrounds? Upon examination it became clear that there was repeating imagery. That’s when I began mapping the landscape. Organizing the cards on the map changes some of the meanings and their relationship to each other. We will explore these new relationships in relation to the landscape. There will be a short visualization at the beginning of the class.


Magical En-chantment Made Simple

The arts of energy-raising, shaping and directing are among the most fundamental tools of the magical practitioner. Energy work through chants, rhythm and music are some of our deepest, strongest and most ancient tools for changing consciousness at will. In this experiential session, we will build and create a solid rhythmic chant, from intention and initiation though manifestation, recitation and release, and learn techniques to make our embodied energy work more focused and effective.

Inspiring Sacredness: Here and Now

We know the world is sacred, yet some places and times feel far more sacred than others. Sometimes it can feel that we’ve lost our way into our own sacred landscapes, both inner and outer. How do we bring more magic into every moment, wherever we are? In this guided audiovisual session, we will explore sacred places and times together, and discuss specific tangible ways to bring greater awareness of sacredness into our daily lives. Re-enchantment is a journey of awareness and intent. What would it be like if our homes and workplaces — where we live, work and travel every day, felt more fully filled with beauty, balance and delight, and could be both practical and liminal? So be it.


Magickal Mediumship – Communication with the Dead

Mediumship is the process of communicating with the spirits of the dead. For many, feeling the presence of a loved one after death is a welcomed validation that the spirit lives on. And yet, mediumship can be so much more! This presentation will provide a brief overview of mediumship and techniques to enhance your connection to the spirit world. Join us as we discuss tips for opening and closing to spirit communication and ways to honor the dead through meditation, ancestor veneration, ritual, and magickal practices.

Chronically Magickal – Empowering Practices for Chronic Illness

Are you someone living with ongoing illness or love someone who does? Join us as we explore living with chronic illness and practicing witchcraft. With our time, we will discuss practical and magickal techniques to enhance living your best life with illness, explore allies for healing, spellwork for chronic illness, how to partner with the spirit of your illness, and ways to work with your illness as a spiritual practice.


Paint the Qabala With Me!!

Join Helena for a fun, hands on class to learn the color theory behind the spheres and create your very own Tree of Life Qabala glyph! We’ll be using water-based paint (watercolor and gouache) – supplies provided. Fear you lack the drawing skills? Fear not, you can use stencils and Helena has over 20 years of teaching art! $5 Materials Fee


Walking Hekate’s Labyrinth, in Three Stages for Transformation

The labyrinth is an ancient and complex pattern that in modern day is a walking meditation with a three-stage journey that guides us in processing our life’s metaphor. Triple Goddess Hekate has a complex nature with three aspects life, death, and rebirth attributed to her, and of her realm, bestowed to her by Zeus, the sky, earth, and sea. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the lore of the labyrinth, Hekate, and how it resonates with the aspects of the Triple Goddess. We’ll then ritualize our labyrinth walk, evoke one of Hekate’s epithets, (Enodia – of the ways) to open the way and explore our journey of the three stages for balance, transformation, and renewal of the self. Bring a journal.


The Hare and the Moon

“I shall go into a hare, With sorrow and sych and meickle care; And I shall go in the Devil’s name, Ay while I come home again.” – Isobel Gowdie, Scotland, 1600’s

The elusive and magical hare has captured imaginations around the globe and across millennia from ancient times though to the modern day. They appear as gods, creators, tricksters and more. In Europe, it is said that witches shapeshift into hares under the full moon. This workshop will offer an exploration of some of the fascinating folklore, myths and stories surrounding the hare, along with using Gowdie’s ancient spell, in an experiential shapeshifting trance.

Ogham: An Alphabet of Trees or an Alphabet Associated with Trees?

The Celtic Tree Ogham has become firmly rooted in the minds of many neo-pagans as an alphabet of trees that is commonly used in divination. But is this really the case, or wishful thinking – a modern pagan myth? Academic research into Ogham is ongoing, and continually evolving offering new information, ideas and hypothesis that is thankfully becoming easier to access for those who are interested. Raven will offer a summary of some of the fascinating information that we know for sure about the Ogham alphabet, its use in divination and its relationship with trees, along with some of the myths that have become popular, inaccurate gnosis.


Beyond Flying Ointment – Cannabis Spells for Weed Witches

Explore the rich history of cannabis as a revered sacred herb and its modern resurgence in magical rituals. Participants will uncover the tools and techniques of the weed witch, blending traditional herbal magic with contemporary cannabis practices to enhance meditation, spellwork, and rituals. Learn the art of herbal alchemy, exploring the craft of using cannabis in smokable, edible, and incense blends tailored to specific intentions. A collection of recipes, spells, and rituals that resonate with the spirit of the plant will be shared. Prioritizing ethical and responsible use, this workshop seamlessly melds ancient wisdom and current practices, giving participants the tools to harness the profound power of cannabis in their spiritual journey. *Note: No cannabis will be used. Discussion only


Healing Through Ancestor Magick: Navigating Past Trauma

This class is designed to introduce students to the powerful practice of using ancestor magick as a means of healing and transforming past trauma. Through a combination of theory, practical exercises, and guided rituals, participants will explore ancestral connections, gain insights into the impact of trauma on their lives, and learn how to work with ancestral energies to foster healing and resilience.


Queer Identities in Heathenry

Queer Identities in Heathenry will explore examples of diverse gender identity in Heathen Lore. We will discuss how these examples can help us to create a more inclusive and gender expansive Heathen Practice that is welcoming to individuals of all genders and gender expression. We will also cover the vetting of Heathen groups by exploring dog whistles and warning signs to be aware of. “Queer Identities in Heathenry” teaches inclusive Heathenry – we are inclusive and welcoming to all who wish to learn about and practice Heathenry. We stand in support of Declaration 127 and in opposition to the AFA and other folkish, discriminatory groups.


Rewilding the Souls of the Witch

Many traditions of witchcraft follow a three souls model. The primal soul which communicates not through language but through other-language such as powerful symbol, flashes of visual, audial as well as inspiration goes by many names, including the Fetch Self or Sticky One in the Feri Tradition. In our modern era the connection to the wild self and the power that it holds has been suppressed but we’ll discuss methods for feeding and revivifying our connection with this feral self by connecting and feeding this soul through our connection to Faery.

The Faery Consciousness: Mycelial connections at home and abroad

The mushroom kingdom has historically held many ties to the Fae, our cousins upon this earth. Through mycelial networks, fungi connect plants and trees, transmute toxins, transfer nutrients and transmit messages between species. This kingdom may in fact be the key to a deeper connection and bonding with our Faerie brethren. We’ll discuss methods for partnering with these spirits of the land in your local environment, honoring your commitments and working magick towards your mutual benefit.


Trance Dancing with the Jinn

This workshop is a practical overview of traditional Middle Eastern trance dance rituals (Islamic zikr, Sufi whirling and the zar), the history behind them, the science behind trance, a description of the Jinn, the music used to call these entities and a ritual to experience them first hand. Come learn Middle Eastern trance dancing from a dancer with over 40 years of performance and teaching experience. Please refrain from eating for 90 minutes prior to class.


Our Mystical Brains: the Science and Spirit of Trance Work

Many Pagans of all flavors implement altered states of consciousness into their practice. But those who do may not know the frankly mystical neuroscience behind our capacity to make those journeys, or may not know which techniques to implement to have the best and safest experience. In this class, we will examine the concept of trance work from a scientific, spiritual, and technical perspective. Presenter Cameron Hollister will draw on their academic background and nearly a decade of personal experience to help attendees further appreciate the human brain’s capabilities, understand the various components that contribute to a meaningful trance state, and learn how to increase personal safety and wellbeing while engaging in the practice.


Dimensional Healing: Multi-Realm Soul Retrieval Techniques Across Lifetimes

Discover the art of “Dimensional Healing: Multi-Realm Soul Retrieval Techniques Across Lifetimes,” a specialized course designed for advanced practitioners. Navigate the complexities of identifying and retrieving fragmented parts of the soul across various dimensions and lifetimes. Learn advanced methodologies to navigate through multiple realms safely and effectively, enhancing your own personal spiritual practice. The course offers a blend of theoretical insights and experiential exercises, designed to deepen your understanding and capabilities in multi-dimensional soul retrieval. By the end of this immersive workshop, you will have gained valuable skills and insights to enrich your personal spiritual journey and to address intricate spiritual challenges.

Ancestral Alchemy: Advanced Techniques for Transmuting Inherited Energetic Residue

“Ancestral Alchemy: Advanced Techniques for Transmuting Inherited Energetic Residue” is designed for those already versed in energy work and ancestral healing but seeking to deepen their skills. This intensive course explores how to identify and transform inherited energetic patterns subtly influencing your life. Using shamanic rituals, guided meditations, and quantum energy methods, we aim to equip you with the tools to cleanse your ancestral lineage and benefit future generations. Learn to transmute lingering energies that may constrain you, opening the door to newfound spiritual freedom.


Paneidolist Ritual of Concentric Ascension and Calling of the Eighteenth Eidolon

Join J.R. Mascaro in enacting the Ritual of Concentric Ascension, a ceremony for stating or reaffirming your commitment to walk the path of magic for the sake of compassionate unity. Flowing from that ritual, the circle will call in the Eighteenth Eidolon to bear witness, lend energy, and provide vision guidance to those who are receptive to such.


The Winding Roads of the Hedge

The idea of the “hedge” is sometimes constructed as the dividing line between ordinary reality and Other World space, often overlooking this in-between as a space unto itself. This workshop builds upon queer Chicana author/activist Gloria Anzaldúa’s philosophy of “nepantla” to explore what it means to exist inside liminal spaces. Attendees will explore how and where hedge spaces exist in institutionalized systems as well as personal practice, the concept of hedge as both mundane and mystical, the power of deconstruction and reconstruction within liminal spaces, and how those who operate within the hedge serve as bridge-builders.

Key Bridge Remembrance Space

The Key Bridge tragedy of March 26th is heavy on all our hearts. An open chapel space for paying respects, processing feelings, grieving, and offering energy for healing will be available. Please feel welcome to bring items to add to the altar.


Modern Mayan Magic

“Modern Mayan Magic” is a presentation on the practice, cosmology and arte of working with the powerful Mesoamerican Gods. Not only will you learn how to engage magic with a pre-Columbian worldview but you will also participate in the summoning of a Mayan spirit to manifest good luck in your life immediately. Learn lessons and concepts that transcend cultural boundaries and see how these mechanics apply to all magical paths.


New Opportunities for Work with Non-Manifest Beings

Within our community there have been discussions about contact with deities whose names and presentation are unknown or at least unknown to us. One such contact is a being who presents as “She Who Breathes the Throat”. The first portion of our class will focus on discernment and considerations when an unrecognized contact is made. We will talk about ways to proceed, how to be open to possibilities and simultaneously maintain protocols. These contacts can be challenging to navigate when working outside one’s normal pantheon but have potential to provide a new vista of knowledge. We will share some of our observations of the work and intent of ‘She Who Breathes the Throat” and then we will have an experiential rite where you will have direct contact with this being whose intent in part is to support movement and extension of consciousness.


The Crossroads of Neurodivergency, Trauma, Chaos and Magic

During the workshop, Angela Pote will explain the various aspects of neurodivergency and how trauma is often seeded through the experience of individuals. She will then take the natural chaos that happens within neurodivergency and bring that into a space of magic, tapping into an individual’s personal chaotic magic. The workshop aims to help people see and use the things around them that tend to be chaotic, transforming it into personal power. Angela will then guide participants through a meditation to help them create a space of alchemy where they can store and work with this chaotic neurodivergent energy. This meditation will help participants to harness their personal power and use it to transform their lives. As a mental health professional, Angela will hold and be aware of the space of trauma for individuals, addressing it appropriately as needed.


Rot Witch: the Body as a Decaying Ecosystem

Fiercely grasping life, we often miss that that death and decay is an ever present symbiote. From the fundamentals of digestion to the slow creep of illness, injury, and disability as we dance (and often stumble) through existence, we are intimate partners with decay. With morbid delight, come explore the subtle gifts of that which is dying within ourselves, notice the lifeforms that consider our bodies a planetary ecosystem, and play with effort-less pathways of magical power that come from turning toward the teachers within us. Explore a framework of magic that includes chronic health issues and the limits of aging as a powerful structure rather than an impediment to be overcome.


Working Through the Grief of Losing a Pet/Familiar

In this class/workshop we will discuss the overview of grief, why grieving the loss of an animal companion is different, various mourning practices to help with your grief process and guided meditation to connect with the animal who has passed. Attendees are encouraged to bring notebooks, water and tissues.


She of Many Names: Hekate and Her Manifestations of Power

Hekate is She of Many Names: Dark Mother, Solteira, Dadaphoros, Kledioukhos to name a few. Learn about Her origins – the differences between historical records and the modern zeitgeist of this Great Titan. Come explore the historical interpretations of Her symbols and many epithets, including some that would make even Zeus blush! Then through original guided meditations discover which parts of Her are most present in your life. Are you aligned with the energy of the Torch Bearer, the Keyholder, or the Spinner? Or is your energy a combination of all three? Come find out how the energies and symbols of Hekate work and weave into the fabric of your life.


Somatic Movement for Trauma Healing

Somatic movement gently brings us back in touch with our bodies by providing a safe and supportive space to grow the mind and body connection. By recognizing the physical sensations we experience we can gain tolerance and safety in the body. It is intended to be used as a tool for finding relief from the physical and mental discomfort trauma survivors experience. Participants gain trust and safety in their bodies by combining multiple movement modalities and dual awareness techniques to release stored trauma. The class will end with a raising of energy and a small personal ritual of thanks to our entire being. Somatic movement helps to increase body awareness and decrease disembodiment. Although this is a movement class, it can and will be adapted to all physical abilities and is taught by a disabled chronic pain sufferer.

Awaken Your Body and Mind: Moving Meditation & Stretch

Start your day by blending meditation, breathwork, and stretching for a revitalizing experience. Guided moving meditation centers your mind, while gentle stretches increase flexibility and improve circulation. Modifications cater to all levels, ensuring everyone can connect deeply with their body and start their day with renewed energy and focus.


Brigid’s Hoop Dance Ritual

Put on your dancing shoes and join us in raising energy in honor of the Celtic goddess Brigid! She is often celebrated with a Hoop Dance that calls her blessings upon all participants. Elders Athena, Nanci, and Ruthann will co-facilitate this Celtic-style Strangers’ Gate Tradition rite calling upon several allies and deities including Brigid as Healer, Smith/Crafter, and Bard to empower our Work of a simple yet highly-effective power-raising dance to garner Brigid’s blessings for ourselves, our community, and the world. If you are able to step over a hula hoop set on the floor then you’ll be able to do this dance! The more participants we have, the stronger the Work will be. We will have all the ritual tools including non-alcoholic allergen-free food and drink; if you have a port-a-chalice please bring it to cut down on non-recyclables. Athena will be drumming and invites a few others to join her in keeping the energy focused.


Broken and Reborn Aflame: Exploring the Acquisition of Witchcraft

Folklore and history present a very different concept of the witch than the one that began to take the world by storm a hundred years ago. To comprehend the heritage of power that witchcraft presents to us, we must explore the nature of the Other. How does the witch become the Other? What does it mean to be the Other? Most importantly, what does the relationship with the Other tell us about how the power of the witch is acquired and cultivated? This class explores these questions in consideration of the folklore and history surrounding how one acquires witchcraft and becomes a being who is both human and spirit.

Four Magicians: Exploring Divergence in Tarot

Is the magician here to fool you, to show you the secrets of sorcery, or to guide you to balance as the refined adept? Exploring the history of a single Tarot card can show us vast differences in various stages of the Tarot’s development. Do these changes just impact images or do they also impact meaning and even our relationships with the cards? In this class we will look at developments in early phases of modern Tarot and how it impacts how we engage the cards. Exploring these differences can guide us in how we read and in how we understand which deck is right for us.


The Inception of Metal Magic(K)

I’ll take you on a fascinating quick exploration of the tradition of blacksmithing, tracing its roots through some of the most influential periods in human history and dip into the role of blacksmiths in medieval times. We’ll also explore the magical world of Irish lore, discussing a few of the mystical properties of metal found in the stories. Then we’ll dive into the subject of metal magic itself, discussing its uses and applications, as well as the ways in which it has been a part of human life for centuries. You’ll have a chance to learn more about this fascinating subject, and to see just how it has already made its way into your own life.


Mathematical Magick

This class will help strengthen and enhance your magickal (especially castings) workings with the addition of mathematical/ geometrical elements and concepts. As well as help you understand the magical tech behind why it has stood the test of time


A Cup of Spells and Intention : Tea Magic

Immerse in the magic of afternoon teas, infusing each cup with intention and manifestation, honor deities through offerings, delve into its magical properties and unravel tea’s origins. This workshop offers a condensed yet enchanting exploration of tea’s diverse roles. Discover the realm of Magical Tea Ceremonies, where rituals and brews converge to create moments of pure enchantment, intertwining tradition with personal transformation. Enrich your spiritual path through the art of Tea Magic. $7 Materials Fee.

JAMES (JIM) WELCH (with Irene Glasse)

Song, Sorcery, and Support: Music for Magic

Step beyond the basics of ritual song, chant, rhythm, and sound with James Welch of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and Irene Glasse of the Frederick Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. Explore the different categories of sacred sound and how they apply to different magical environments: solo spell work and ritual, small group work and healing sessions, medium to large group ritual, and more. Discover new approaches to effective chant selection and use. Learn how harmonies and variation impact the energetic structure of a chant and the best ways to apply them. This workshop includes a chant share and participants will receive a curated collection of effective ritual chants. 


Lithomancy: Reading the Stones

You may have heard of Osteomancy (Bone Casting), or Rune Casting, in each of these forms of divination symbols or items are cast and interpreted according to the methods of each tradition. Lithomancy, which follows a similar pattern is the art of stone casting. In this workshop John will teach participants how to cast and read the stones going over the history, differing types of, and practice of the art. Presentation will be followed by sample casting for demonstration and class participation in readings as time permits.


Diana, The Lake, and Her Mysteries

The cult of Diana Nemorensis is one of the most ancient and fascinating in Italy: we can find traces going back as far as the Neolithic era and, even if it has been subjected to intensive study and research, it’s still largely shrouded in mystery. Ancestral kingship, ritualized violence, rites of passage, cult of the dead and an intense sacredness of wild nature are woven together, forming a landscape that is both complex and rich, where we can feel right away the presence of an ancient, powerful Mystery. Based on a workshop developed and presented online by Giulia Turolla, this workshop will examine the historical and archaeological background of Diana Nemorensis dating back to pre-Roman times. It will also explore the sacred geography of Lake Nemi in ancient times. This workshop will also discuss the misconceptions about Diana and her worship in both ancient and modern times, including the works of Frazer, Graves, and Leland. The origins of the ritual of the Rex Nemorensis will also be covered. This workshop will conclude with a brief guided meditation to connect to Diana and the guardians of Her sacred lake.