The 2025 Sacred Space Conference is slated for Thursday, March 27th, through Sunday, March 30th, at the Sheraton Baltimore North hotel in Towson, MD.

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Angela Raincatcher Arts

Welcome to the crossroads and sacred circle where together we create a community mandala to manifest the spirit of the weekend.

The Art of Helena Domenic

Featuring original art, prints, greeting cards, Tarot and oracle decks, and one-of-a-kind amulets.

The Art of Jennifer Davies-Reazor

As a sculptor and jeweler, Jenny creates ceramic tiles inspired by myth, magic, and folklore. Her mixed-media jewelry pieces are created with meaning and intention, incorporating beads, gems, metal, and clay.

Black Cats & Company

Black Cats & Company (Melanie Widmer) has been a labor of love for me for over a decade. I have two main goals when designing pieces: mixing colors and elements in ways that enhance the natural beauty of the stones, and creating versatile pieces that are worn often and are enjoyed. I focus on high-quality and unusual stones, blended together in unexpected ways that complement the natural variations of the materials. Every piece is an original, using unique shapes and hand-carved pendants, many in the shape of animals. Designs are made to harmonize with everything from a white T-shirt to a favorite power suit or little black dress. I also create custom meditation strands/prayer beads and teach a class on them.


Mythospheria offers unique and unusual hand- crafted ritual and divination tools. Our products are carefully crafted from ethically sourced wood, stone, and other natural materials, sourced from the land of Britain or the wilds of New Hampshire. We offer stunning ritual jewelry, incense, unusual spell supplies, and prints of our photography. All products are handmade by Raven and Chelidon, Witches of many years of experience, who delight in offering their work to others. Sacred Space is our only face-to-face vending event each year; the rest of the year, our craftwork may be found at etsy. com/shop/mythospheria and our photography and teaching at Contact: chelidon@

New Alexandrian Library Store

This is a fundraising table for the NAL/ The New Alexandrian Library which is a research and lending library located near Georgetown, Delaware. We have a special focus on the preservation of materials from the Pagan, Polytheist, and Western Mystery Traditions.

Owlkeyme Arts

Featuring the esoteric and myth-inspired art of artist, performer, and best-selling author Laura Tempest Zakroff. Laura is a professionally trained visual artist and designer, receiving her BFA in Printmaking from RISD, and having trained at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia and the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts. Her artwork has received awards and honors worldwide, and has been published in numerous books and magazines. Discover original works, prints, notecards, oracle decks, books, tarot bags, and much more.

Purring Banshee Studios

Spirit jewelry from many pantheons. Beaded spiritual ornaments. Pottery. Vocal music. Pride necklaces. Seasonal color analysis jewelry. And other things that strike fancy. All handmade by sole proprietor priestess in the USA. Custom work is welcomed.

Tempered Raven

We at Tempered Raven believe that a custom blade is more than a pretty display piece—it is a tool. Each piece we craft, whether hand- crafted or hand-forged, serves a purpose for its owner, and much like any other tool, whether practical or ceremonial, it should be reliable and long lasting, an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. This is why we pour our sweat and tears (and sometimes blood) into each blade until it is hardened and tempered for use and abuse. Just because our blades are tools doesn’t mean that they should not look beautiful, which is why we focus our attention on details like handle material, pins, stippling, or the trueness of each blade. Only by remaining dedicated to the purpose of each piece do we remain true to our craft.

A Touch of Glass

At “A Touch of Glass…and then some,” you’ll find gods, goddesses, faeries, green folk, dragons, gargoyles, unicorns, and runes, to name a few, handcrafted in stained glass and fused glass. Custom work and new ideas are always welcome. Add to the mix flaxseed-filled aromatherapy bags suitable for microwave or freezer, along with handcrafted soap and lotion.  But that’s not all! We also proudly offer a selection of unique handcrafted bronze pendants and wood carvings from artisans in Russia and Ukraine. And if that’s not enough, we have hand-batiked flags, banners, and altar cloths, a few of which are our own custom designs, as well as an assortment of books from several authors we know. Visit us at

Valley of Gems

The Valley of Gems is a husband and wife partnership. Shahid is a master gem-cutter as his fathers have been before him through many generations. Shahid loves and understands each stone and designs every individual piece of jewelry to allow the stones to express their own unique beauty, not an ephemeral standard of fashion. This is the quality that sets Valley of Gems apart from so many others and why no one piece is like any other. Kathy Rogers:

Wizards Tower

The men of WizardsTower are Artisans & Purveyors of unique high-quality essentials for working magick; clothing, jewelry, magick wands and accessories. Kevin & Jim have been serving the needs of the Community for 17 years. We are specialists to the Intermediate & Advanced Magickal & Ritual Practitioners. Specifically, Kevin makes hand-carved wooden spoons and other treenware, magick wands and other specialty wood products and Jim makes 5 styles of capes, tarot card/sacred object bags and messenger bags, altar cloths, 3 different vestment pieces, shawls, Wizard/Witches Robes, Traveling Cloaks and 3 styles of ceremonial vests. Jim specializes in Garb and Ritual Garments for men. Both men also create a line of unique Celtic/Wiccan/Pagan jewelry. The men are constantly working on new products to offer the community. The guys are constantly developing new ideas into accessories to help you in your personal practice. Stop by to see what’s new!

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